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The SCA is committed to protecting children and young people taking part in paddlesport and will:

  • Ensure there are policies, procedures, systems, structures, resources and personnel in place to promote the welfare and protection of children taking part in paddlesport.
  • Actively work jointly with parents and other agencies through joint planning, training and monitoring of their arrangements for the protection of children.
  • Ensure there are quality assurance mechanisms in place to monitor, review and evaluate arrangements for the protection of children.

If you have any queries about Safeguarding first check the FAQs pages. Alternatively, email the SCA Safeguarding Officer.  The  Safeguarding Officer for the SCA is also the Coaching and Development Manager, Andy Murray, who can be contacted either by email or by phoning 0131 625 4434.

Each discipline has a safeguarding officer too. Feel free to contact them for any concerns, advice or help you might need: 

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding training is available in a range of formats and providers. British Canoeing requires all coaches to attend child protection training to meet the Coach Update requirements. 

The SCA and British Canoeing are committed to making sure young people enjoy paddlesport in a safe environment, protected from poor practice or abuse.

The minimum training requirement is:

  • Coaches working regularly or alone with children are required to attend a minimum 3-hour face-to-face training course. For Example Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport  .
  • All other coaches should attend the above or complete recognised web-based training.  (e.g. British Canoeing Online Training)

Coaches are asked to send evidence of the training to the SCA by email or post in order that their records can be updated. To check your record, visit SCA Self Service.

The BCU appreciate that individuals may have undertaken safeguarding courses through other employed or volunteer. Details of the minimum requirement for the safeguarding workshop can be found below. 

Paddlesafe Online

This online training course provides an easy way to access the basic training requirement for volunteers, coaches and staff involved in Paddlesport but who are not working regularly or alone with children. Avoiding the time and cost required to travel to and attend courses. The course covers basic awareness training, explains best practice, and what to do if you have a concern regarding child protection. There are five sections – with questions at the end of each section. If you do not pass all the questions you will be directed back to the knowledge section to re enforce the key learning points. The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete but you can log out and back in again at any time. On successful completion of the course there is a certificate for you to download and keep. This BCU initiated course has been produced by Child Protection experts. This has enabled the British Canoeing to keep the cost of the course to a minimum – to benefit our members. SCA members can access this training for the reduced fee course of £9.99. For non members the cost is £16.99.To access this course,click on the link below. 

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport  

The Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport course is for coaches and sports volunteers. It is the recognised course for Safeguarding training in sport and has been developed and certificated by sportscotland and Children 1st.  It comprises of an eLearning session, (module 1), which must be completed first, followed by a 3-hour face-to-face or virtual course, (module 2).

Find course dates here.

Other basic safeguarding awareness workshops available in Scotland

Throughout Scotland, local Safeguarding Committees organise and offer free training to the voluntary sector working with local children and young people. 
Other courses may be recognised as alternatives to the Paddlesafe Online or Safeguarding & Protecting Children Courses. Please refer to the Equivalent Training Guidance document SPC-G14. 

In Safe Hands – Club Child Protection Officer, CHILDREN 1ST workshop

This 3-hour workshop supports clubs to put child protection policies into practice. It is most suitable for those acting as the club child protection officer but is also relevant for those responsible for managing or organising the club. Participants attending this workshop should have first attended a basic awareness course in child protection such as the sportscoach UK ‘Safeguarding & Protecting Children’ workshop or equivalent. 

Policies and Guidance

We work closely wtih British Canoeing to implement policies and provide a range of guidance on safeguarding.  Please refer to the British Canoeing Safeguarding page for a full range of guidance documents.   Specific SCA documents are listed below. 

Guidance and Resources

Visit the British Canoeing Safeguarding page for a full range of guidelines and templates.

  • Registration and Application Form - PDF or Word - for individuals who applying to an SCA position (paid or unpaid) where the role is deemed to be 'Regulated Work'
  • Self Declaration Form - PDF or Word - for individuals who applying to an SCA position (paid or unpaid) where the role is deemed to be 'Regulated Work'' 
  • Code of Conduct - to be completed by all SCA voluteers or staff working wtih under 18's

Resources from Children 1st - Safeguarding in Sport

Responding to Concerns

Why it is important to respond to concerns?

It takes considerable courage for a child or adult to disclose abuse.  Disclosures need to be handled very carefully and sensitively to avoid causing further distress to the child.  All concerns must be responded to in a way that ensures that a child receives appropriate help and support and to ensure that appropriate action is taken against those who pose a risk to children and to protect not only the child involved but all other children.

Robust procedures for responding to concerns will:

  • help to avoid those receiving information from engaging in judgements. 
  • reassure those who report concerns that an appropriate course of action will ensue. 
  • support those charged with managing concerns by providing them with a step-by-step process to follow. 
  • safeguard the rights of those against whom complaints or allegations have been made.

Need Help Now?

Where a child’s immediate safety is at risk contact the local police or social work department for advice.    

It is not the job of anyone in the SCA or Affiliated Clubs to decide whether or not a child has neen abused.  It is however, everyone's responsibility to report concerns.

Completing a PVG Form

If you have been asked to complete a PVG form by your club, please refer to the guidance notes below, or watch the online video available from Volunteer Scotland.