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Coach Award

British Canoeing has announced the launch of the Coach Award which aims to create discipline specific pathways across all disciplines. This will significantly change the prerequisites and the pathway through taught and assessed elements. 

The Coach Awards are designed for people whose core function is to coach paddlers who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills within the discipline chosen. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills in the given discipline/environment. 

The Coach Award will supersede the current Level 2, Moderate/Advanced Water Endorsements (MWE/AWE) and Discipline Support Modules.

 Coach Awards


Benefits of the Coach Award include:

  • Direct entry options to training available – a British Canoeing membership is the only prerequisite of the Core Coach Training
  • Specific pathways across all disciplines
  • Supportive eLearning resources to aid learning

“This is a really significant time for British Canoeing and our approach to Coaching and Leadership Awards, and I feel privileged to be part of these exciting developments. The Coach Award has been designed with current research in mind, membership consultation and candidate feedback from our existing awards. British Canoeing has created the Coach Award which provides 18 pathways with direct entry opportunities and eLearning to support the coach’s development. Not only will the Coach Award provide greater choice, it will in turn create more opportunities for people to access great coaching to enable them to paddle in a safe environment and grow participation in canoeing.”

 – Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching and Qualifications at British Canoeing

Available from January 2018

British Canoeing will look to roll out the award by completing the following milestones over the coming months:

  • September 2017: British Canoeing will be training the trainers
  • October - December 2017: Home Nations will be training the provider workforce
  • January 2018: Training and assessment courses will be available throughout the UK

Further updates, including how to become involved in the award, will be promoted via the SCA and British Canoeing websites and the 'Catch up with Coaching' newsletter.


Coach Award - Impact on existing coaches

British Canoeing has announced changes to the Level 2, Moderate Water Endorsement and Advanced Water Endorsement. 

Trainee and Existing Coaches: How do the Coach Award changes affect me?

Watch our short video that talks you through the changes the Coach Awards will have for candidate’s mid-way through their journey to assessment or how existing coaches can access the Coach award.

Impact on Trainee Coaches and Existing Coaches

Any candidate mid-way through their journey to achieve their Level 2 qualification or Moderate/Advanced Water Endorsements will move into the restructured pathway. They can choose not to repeat components of training (that are considered similar) if they feel confident with the content.

Where relevant, coaches who have already completed various British Canoeing qualifications can by-pass the Core Coach Training and/or Discipline Specific Training.

Who can bypass the Core Coach Training

Coaches who have completed any of the following training/assessment courses can choose to bypass the Core Coach Training if they feel confident with the content:  

  • British Canoeing Level 2 (UKCC) Training OR Assessment
  • British Canoeing Moderate or Advanced Water Training OR Assessment
  • British Canoeing Level 3 (UKCC) Core Training OR Assessment

Who can bypass the Discipline Specific Training

Coaches who have completed a 4-day Level 2 (UKCC) Training course can choose to by-pass the Sheltered Water Canoe and Kayak Training if they feel confident with the content. 

Coaches who have completed MWE Training or BCU Level 3 Assessment (pre-UKCC) can choose to by-pass the Open/White Water Canoe Coach, Sea Kayak Coach, Surf Kayak Coach, and White Water Kayak Coach Training if they feel confident with the content (when in the same discipline). 

Coaches who have completed AWE Training can choose to by-pass the Advanced Open/White Water Canoe Coach, Sea Kayak Coach, Surf Kayak Coach, and White Water Kayak Coach Training if they feel confident with the content (when in the same discipline). 

Coaches who have completed the Slalom/Sprint Discipline Support Module Part 2 (training and logbook) can choose to by-pass the respective Slalom/Racing Coach Training if they feel confident with the content. 

Still not sure and need some help? Contact or call Andy Murray, Head of Development on 07900 887007. 

Rebranded Coach Qualifications - January 2018

Rebranded Coaching Qualifications

In line with the announcement of the new Coach Award, British Canoeing will rebrand the existing British Canoeing Level 1, 3 and 4 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport qualifications, from January 2018.

No changes are being made to any of these awards, apart from the titles. 

Level 1 will become known as ‘Paddlesport Instructor’. This qualification will remain the recommended option for all coaches and instructors whose main focus of work is delivering introductory paddlesport sessions. An Instructor who holds both Paddlesport Leader and Paddlesport Instructor being well placed to fulfil their coaching duties with more autonomy. We expect this combination to be the main route followed by Instructors working in the activity centre market.  

The Level 3 qualifications are to be renamed “Performance [insert discipline] Coach”. The “Level 4 in Performance Paddlesport” is to be renamed “British Canoeing Coaching Diploma”.  

These changes will be implemented on the 1st January 2018.

Coach Award Tutors and Assessors

The SCA has selected a network of over 30 tutors and assessors who will be licenced to deliver the training and assessment courses.

Please feel free to contact the appropriate tutor/assessor on the list to discuss arranging a course or assessment - they will be happy to answer any queries, provide a quotation and discuss your requirements for a course. Tutors will be able to register courses with SCA from early November 2017 and courses will appear on the events listing of SCA website.  

To view the list of tutors and their contact details, please take a look at this link or download the document below. 

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