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Course Provider - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Course Provider Information

Course Provider - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Course Provider Information

Course Provider - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Course Provider Information

Course Provider - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Course Provider Information


In order to deliver any British Canoeing training or assessment course, you must be registered with the SCA (or your alternative National Association) to deliver the relevant course, and have received prior course authorisation to do so. 

Find out how to become a provider.

If you are trying to find a course provider, click here.

Certification of Personal Performance Awards

British Canoeing and Scottish Canoe Association are delighted to announce the new certification process that will be available from January 2019 for the NEW Personal Performance Awards.

Systems have been designed and developed to create a straight forward, effective and efficient process for both paddlers and providers.

  • Online payments
  • Bulk upload facility for both Paddle Awards - Start and Discover.
  • Candidate receives their certification within minutes of the provider uploading
  • Ability to share over social media sites
  • Removes the need for filling in and posting paperwork
  • Teachers, Clubs and Centres can choose to receive the certificates for group presentations

Please click on the videos below to view a step by step guide of how to certificate paddlers with their Personal Performance Award.

Paddle Start certification is FREE, Paddle Discover is £6 and Paddle Explore and all disicpline specific awards are £10 for members and £20 for non members. 

Please note, SCA Providers need to log in to the SCA portal to submit the Explore and Discipline Specific Awards, not the BC portal. 


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Online course authorisation and results

Course authorisation and course results is now online! 

The Membership Portal enables Providers to automatically have their course authorised and advertised, submit the candidate results and pay online. 

The following documents and videos provide guidance on the course authorisation and course submission processes. This guidance is slightly different depending on whether your course needs authorisation ahead of the course or not. 

Guidance Document: Course Authorisation and Submission

Guidance Document: Course Submission (No authorisation required)










Course Administration Fees

The following fees apply from 1st January 2018: 

  • A new ‘pay as you go’ provider administration fee has been introduced for all British Canoeing courses, except FSRT and Personal Performance awards, based on the number of candidates attending courses. This fee will be £20 per person on each coaching course and £10 per person on each safety or leadership course. 
  • The Candidate Administration and Provider Administration fees must be paid by the course provider upon submission of the course schedule after the course. Courses will not be processed unless fees are paid (or invoice requested). 
  Candidate Registration Fee Candidate Administration Fee Provider Administration Fee
Coaching Qualifications (see list 1) £45 per qualification No Fee £20 per person per course 
Leadership Qualifications (see list 2) £39 per qualification No Fee £10 per person per course
Safety Training (see list 3) No registration

£5 members

£10 non members

£10 per person per course
Paddle Start No registration

No Fee

No fee
Paddle Discover No registration £6 No fee
Discipline Specific Personal Performance Awards No registration

£10 members

£20 non members

No fee
Foundation and Intermediate Modules No registration

£5 members

£10 non members

£10 per person per course
Discipline Support Modules No registration £17.50 members £10 per person per course

List 1: Coaching courses 

  • British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor 
  • British Canoeing Coach Award Core Training 
  • British Canoeing Coach Award Discipline Specific Training
  • British Canoeing Coach Award Assessment
  • British Canoeing Performance Coach Core Training (previously known as Level 3 Core Training)
  • British Canoeing Performance Coach Discipline Specific Training  (previously known as Level 3 Discipline Specific Training)
  • British Canoeing Performance Coach Assessment (previously known as Level 3 Assessment)

List 2: Leadership Courses

  • British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader Training
  • British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader Assessment
  • British Canoeing Moderate Water Leader Training
  • British Canoeing Moderate Water Leader Assessment
  • British Canoeing Advanced Water Leader Training
  • British Canoeing Advanced Water Leader Assessment
  • British Canoeing Bellboat Helm
  • British Canoeing Raft Trip Leader Training
  • British Canoeing Raft Trip Leader Assessment
  • British Canoeing Raft Stadium Award Training
  • British Canoeing Raft Stadium Award Assessment
  • British Canoeing Raft Guide Training
  • British Canoeing Raft Guide Assessment

List 3: Safety Courses

  • British Canoeing White Water Safety & Rescue
  • British Canoeing Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue
  • British Canoeing Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning
  • British Canoeing Open Water Navigation & Tidal Planning
  • British Canoeing Advanced Surf Safety & Rescue

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BC Assessor Training

The British Canoeing Assessor Training Day covers essential assessing skills required for Coaches assessing British Canoeing awards.

It is required by all new Leadership Providers; but it is a generic course and will help all assessors develop their assessing skills.

The course aims to introduce the skills of organizing and running assessments and to build on the principles of good assessment practice. It is anticipated that Coaches will take part in the course early in their assessing career. The course only needs completing once if providers are working towards multiple roles. It does not expire. Assessors of Star Awards and Coaching Qualifications, and providers of Paddlepower should find this a useful training opportunity.

It is an opportunity to participate in discussion with other assessors. This opportunity to develop own thoughts and ideas through discussion, debate, and challenge with others is proven to be extremely valuable.

Coaches who have recently qualified at Level 1 or Level 2, and are likely to become involved in assessing roles in the future are likely to find this a useful stepping stone into the assessing role.

The course is considered to be useful professional development for all Coaches who have (or aspire) to have assessing roles. The Assessor Training day is recognised by the Home Nation Associations as relevant continual professional development (CPD). Attendance of the Assessor Training day will extend a coach’s CPD validity for a period of 18-months from the date of the event within the Coach Update requirements.

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Provider Service and Data Processing Agreements

All course providers (tutors/assessors etc) of British Canoeing awards and training must complete a Provider Service Agreement (PSA). This is an online process and has no cost. 

To complete the annual agreement to the PSA:

  1. Log in to SCA Portal
  2. Click on My Profile 
  3. Click on Credentials then Add Credential 
  4. Select 'Provider Service Agreement' and click next
  5. Tick to confirm agreement to the PSA then next 
  6. Click finish (do not upload any attachments) 

The full PSA terms can be viewed in the download below. 



Update 17th May 2018

In preparation for GDPR legislation the PSA has been updated as follows:  

  • Recitals vi - Updated wording to allow future updates to be communicated 
  • 1.2 Removed reference to provide clarity 
  • Update to clause 4.10 in relation to GDPR
  • Clause 7 updated to clarify a complaint against a provider
  • Update to 9.6 Addition to move away from a one sided document
  • Appendix 1 -  the provider appeal process

In addition, all course providers must accept the new Data Processing Clause. Instructions will be issued by 25th May. 

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