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CPD for Coaches - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Coach Update and CPD

CPD for Coaches - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Coach Update and CPD

CPD for Coaches - Scottish Canoe Assoication

Coach Update and CPD


To fulfil the CPD aspect of the Coach Update Scheme, a coach should show active involvement with CPD in both of the above areas in every 3 year period.

British Canoeing appreciates that coaches may choose to develop themselves through a variety of means, and seeks to recognise formal, non-formal and informal development by the following routes;

1. Participation in a recognised course

British Canoeing has reviewed a selection of training courses against the above areas and published a list of recognised courses. The list includes both BCU courses as well as courses run by established external organisations. Where a coach has attended one or more of the courses from this list their CPD validity can be extended for a specified period, of either 1.5 or 3 years. Here is a list of recognised CPD courses and how long they update you for. 

2. Participation at a Coaching Matters event

To support coach development the British Canoeing and the Home Nation Associations offer a series of Coaching Matters events. These provide development opportunities within the local area. Participation at one of these events will be automatically extended the coach’s CPD validity for 3 years from the date of the event.

3. Application for Recognition of CPD (more information below)

We have a wide range of CPD options for coaches including the Coaching Matters courses (1 day) and Foundation (normally 3 hours) / Intermediate (6 hours) modules. Dates for these courses can be found in the Events Calendar or Events Listing

Find out more about the range of CPD training courses on the British Canoeing Awarding Body website. All courses are available in Scotland via SCA licensed providers. Find a course in the event listing, or contact a course provider using our course provider directory.

Coach Update

  • British Canoeing and the National Associations actively encourage all coaches to keep up-to-date with relevant developments in paddlesport and in general coaching/leading best practice. The Coach Update Scheme supports and recognises coaches’ commitment to continued learning and development.
  • British Canoeing and the National Associations consider coaches who subscribe to the Coach Update Scheme to meet minimum standards for deployment as a coach. The flexibility which has been built into each aspect of the Coach Update Scheme allows coaches to select CPD opportunities relevant to their coaching activity. 
  • To support quality provision of the British Canoeing Awards and Qualifications, providers of any British Canoeing course are required to subscribe to the Coach Update Scheme. It is also recommended that coaches working with British Canoeing Approved Paddlesport Providers and Clubs subscribe to the scheme

Remaining Updated 

The Coach Update process is the same for all of our Coaches. There are three things you need to have to meet the update requirements:

  1. Membership - Hold Full SCA Membership.
  2. First Aid - All Coaches (except Paddlesport Instructors) need a first aid certificate recorded on their membership record. 
  3. Safeguarding (Child Protection) Training –  British Canoeing require all coaches to complete recognised child protection training.
  4. Coaching Continuous Personal Development (CPD) - Be up-to-date with current best practice See Coaching CPD section below for more details.

Application for Recognition of CPD

Coaches may register other development which they have done, including mentored practice, site-specific training etc by submitting an Application for Recognition of CPD Form. For full details please refer to Appendix 2a

If you are organising an event which provides an opportunity for coaches to develop in the areas of Coaching Aspects and Safe Practice, and would like the event to be recognised as a CPD opportunity you can register the event with your Home Nation Association.

Coaching Processes

This two day course is aimed at members of the coaching scheme who wish to develop and expand their practical skills and theoretical knowledge, with regard to canoesport coaching delivery. It was one of the prerequisites of the old Level 4 Coach Award. The coaching processes course is open to coaches of any level. In addition, the course is generic with regard to the various disciplines of paddlesport. It is intended that the course will be as practical as possible with candidates participating, and gaining Top Tips’ for practical coaching sessions and increasing their own coaching process knowledge.