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Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland
Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland
Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland
Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland
Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland
Marathon - Canoe Scotland


Marathon - Canoe Scotland

Fun for all ages and types of canoe

Marathon Racing boats are designed to travel fast in a straight line and are therefore are narrower and less stable than many other types of kayak or canoe.  They come in single and double types.  Children under the age of 12 tend to use Lightning Kayaks that are smaller and more stable which allows these young paddlers to develop their skills on an equal footing.

As soon as you have picked up the basics of paddling in a racing kayak or canoe you are ready to race. A coach or a fellow paddler will be able to suggest a suitable race for you to start with. This may well be one of the flatwater races which happen regularly throughout the season. Most of these are on canals where there are no currents or technical sections to worry about. 

Marathon Distances

The main UK Canoe and Kayak Marathon racing season runs from April to October, with events somewhere most weekends. During the summer there are some weekday events and your club may have their own races as well as the regular training nights. 

The courses raced in Scotland vary from around 6 km for a “mini” course to 13 km for a “short” course and to 20 km for a “long” course. Lightning paddlers typically race over 2 – 4km. There are also some longer events like the annual Glasgow – Edinburgh challenge which is 87 km. Paddlers from Scotland have regularly taken part in the British National and Hasler Trophy Marathon Championships as well as the epic annual Devizes to Westminster race of 200 km. 

Most races are held on canals or lochs within the central belt, with a few river races further north.

Safety Notice

1    All boats used in marathon racing must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to support the boat and crew in the event of a capsize. Inherent buoyancy in composite boats is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Additional foam buoyancy or air bags must be fitted.
2    All paddlers who are ranked in divisions 7,8 or 9 must wear an approved buoyancy aid (compliant with EN 393, EN 395, ISO 12402-5 or ISO 12402-6) for all marathon races in K1 or K2. Organisers may require other competitors to also wear approved buoyancy aids if they feel that the conditions require it, so all competitors should come prepared to comply with this requirement.
3    Paddlers should also check individual race information sheets for any event specific safety requirements.


Results can be found on this link

Marathon Calendar

The Marathon 2019 Calendar can be found on the attached link

Online entries can be found in the Events, Courses & Clubs finder, and can be found on following direct links:

link to event Finder (all events) 

link to Marathon Events

Glasgow to Edinburgh Challenge

The Glasgow to Edinburgh Challenge will take place over the weekend of 5-6th October 2019.

Either paddle alone or work in a team of up to 12 paddlers, in Singles, Doubles or Fours, Kayaks or Canoes.  

The event is over two days with set stages. 
Day 1 -   Forth & Clyde Canal from Speirs Warf, Glasgow to Falkirk Wheel, c. 24 miles.
Day 2 -   Union Canal from above Falkirk Wheel to Lochrin Basin, Edinburgh, c. 31 miles.

For more information and how to enter, please click here

Highland Series

Marathon Paddlers on the River Ness  Marathon Paddlers on the River Spey  Marathon Paddlers on the River Spey

The Highland Series is a club & individual competition that is spread over the 3 Highland Marathon competitions that are held throughout the season.

The competitions are held in some of Scotland's most magnificent scenic areas in Spey Side, Ness Side & Royal Dee Side.

Competitors can compete in any type of Kayak or Canoe, K Boat, Wavehopper, Sea Kayak, Open Canadian, SUP, Play Boat, Inflatable, etc. Singles & Doubles .    Each competitor that finishes a race will be allocated points for their club.   The points are tallied up over the 3 races and the club with the most points is presented with the Highland Series Trophy – A large silver quaich. 

The individual paddlers trophy is a half size Claymore (sword) mounted on plinth.

Scottish Racing Week

Scottish Racing Week is a series of marathon events which this year will be held from 9th – 16th June.  

With 5 races over 8 days Scottish Racing Week offers the opportunity to sample the rich variety of Scottish racing from the River Clyde, to Linlithgow Loch, and the Forth & Clyde Canal to the River Tay which has some of Scotland's most magnificent scenery at one of the best times of the year.

With 3 on rivers, 1 on a canal and 1 on a loch – 2 marathons & 3 10k’s there’s something for everyone both on and off the water. 

Points are awarded for each race and at the end of the week prizes are awarded.

All the race details are below, please enter in advance for the week online here.

Marathon Committee

The Marathon Committee members for the 2018/19 season are:

Role  Responsible Person 2018/19
Safeguarding Officer
Committee Representative to SCA Competition Stream
BC Committee Representative
Events Coordinator, inc Safety Officer
Publicity & Social Media
Coach Development Coordination
Paddler Development
Debi Ives
Rachel Syme
Lizelle Kemp
Debi Ives
Brian Chapman
Donald Gardner
Chair as point of contact
Derek Marshall (on behalf of committee)
Debi & Rachel
Margaret Chapman
Chair as point of contact

To contact the committee email

Sprint & Marathon Equipment

The Sprint & Marathon Committee have a full range of boats & paddles which are loaned out – full details of the equipment and the loan arrangements can be found here, scroll down to the SCA Boats & Equipment tab at the bottom of the page