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Adventure Coaching

Adventure Sports Coaching Conference 2017

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For the third consecutive year Glenmore Lodge are holding an Adventure Sports Coaching conference, happening on Sunday 26th November 2017. Each year the conference has had an increased attendance, a greater range of guest speakers and the delegate feedback is continually positive. As was always intended the delegates represent a wide range of adventure sports, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share between disciplines. This has provided for a truly unique CPD opportunity that appears to be showing some real benefits to the adventure sports coaching profession.

 This years conference title is:

“Leadership in Adventure Sports – unpicking our behaviours and actions that make a difference”

Dr Calum Arthur will be the keynote guest presenter along with industry based experts to support the program. The conference will explore how a transformational leadership approach along with a multi-dimensional leadership approach can support what we do as coaches and leaders. It will look how this transfers into our coaching, but also how we act as leaders; thus hoping the conference will attract coaches and leaders/guides alike. 

For any SCA coaches attending this course will count as an 18 month CPD update. 

For more information you can click on the link to go the Glenmore Lodge website, download the flyer and the programme.