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Glasgow to Edinburgh Challenge 2019

05/10/2019 to 06/10/2019

Will you accept the challenge to paddle from the centre of Glasgow to the centre of Edinburgh along the Millennium Link?

Either paddle alone or work in a team of up to 12 paddlers, in Singles, Doubles or Fours, Kayaks or Canoes.  

The event is over two days with set stages. 
Day 1 -   Forth & Clyde Canal from Speirs Warf, Glasgow to Falkirk Wheel, c. 24 miles.
Day 2 -   Union Canal from above Falkirk Wheel to Lochrin Basin, Edinburgh, c. 31 miles.

Over the years a wide range of canoes and kayaks have been used to complete the course, racing K1’s and K2’s by those looking for fast times, open canadians, sea kayaks, SUP’s and even plastic river boats by those looking for more of a challenge. The Open Team Relay class allows up to 12 people to paddle in any combination of canoe and /or kayak.  Paddlers under 16 years on 1st January cannot attempt the Challenge individually, they may only take part as part of a relay team with at least one other paddler.

Commemorative t-shirts are awarded to all participants who successfully complete the course, and there are trophies for the fastest entries in each of the classes. But more important is the satisfaction of having achieved the challenge and crossed the country!

Race Information and Documents are available to view on the right side of this page. 

Classes & Entry: 

A- K1/C1 Non Stop - One paddler, paddling the whole course

B - K2/C2 Non Stop - One crew, paddling the whole course

C - K1/C1 Relay - 2 paddlers as a team, paddling alternate sections

D - K2/C2 Relay - 2 crews as a team, paddling alternate sections

E - K1/C1 Relay Team - Up to 6 paddlers as a team, paddling alternate sections

F - K2/C2 up to 6 crews as a team, paddling alternate sections

G - Open Team Relay - Using any combination of canoe &/or kayak

Entries should be made online. The closing date for entries is Monday 23rd September 2019. Advance entries are essential to ensure the t-shirts can be available at the prize giving. 

Entry fees: £15 per adult paddler and £10 per Junior (U18) 

Enter Online Here