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Paddleability Course - Free to SCA Members


There is a Foundation Paddleability Course - Introduction to Disability Awareness, that are free for SCA members to attend at 9am - 12pm on the 14th December 2017 at Robertson House on Bath Street in Glasgow. 

The aim of the module is to modify attendees’ perceptions of people with disabilities; their attitude towards this sector of the population, and; to consider how they may adjust their coaching / approach to be more inclusive. The following learning outcomes are considered to fulfil this aim.

• Understand how disabled people may view themselves in society and those factors that may prevent them from fully participating in paddle sport.
• Establish basic communications skills with people with disabilities
• Apply existing coaching skills to meet the needs of participants with disabilities
• Select equipment and make minor modifications to it, so as to make paddle sport more inclusive
• Describe the Health and Safety issues when working with people with disabilities
• Use appropriate terminology
• List the range of disabilities that may be encountered
• Describe how the Equality Act (2010) affects paddle sport organisations

To book your space you can do it online via Go Membership or Event Listings, email or call the office on 0131 317 7314.