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SCA Annual General Meeting




The 2014 AGM took place on 15th November 2014 in Perth

Breakout Sessions

Prior to the AGM members had the opportunity to attend one of three parallel breakout sessions on: 

  • Governance
  • Hydro and Renewable Developments 
  • Club Development

Special Resolutions

14 motions had been put for consideration at the Annual General Meeting by between 10 and 11 voting members.

On analysis and legal advice, for the motions to be put to a vote by members at the AGM, they would need to be considered and proposed as ‘Special Resolutions’ as, if enacted

  • They would form an instruction to the Board of the Company to act in a specified way
  • They would require a change in the SCA Articles of Association
  • They would instruct the Board to act contrary to the SCA Articles of Association
  • They would instruct Board members to Act contrary to their legal duties or
  • They would instruct the Board to act contrary to approved policy

The motions were not proposed by any SCA Committee nor had they been brought to the Board for any discussion prior to submission by the specified members.

Some of the proposed motions related just to slalom. Other motions appeared to challenge the principles of SCA operation since incorporation in 2000 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. There were direct and substantial conflicts between how the SCA Board is required to act in accordance with the Companies Act and SCA Articles of Association versus what was proposed by the group of members.

The Board recommended to members to vote against all of the 14 Special Resolutions.

In order for any of the motions to be passed at the AGM, 75% of those voting were required to vote "For" the motion.

Votes were cast by proxy in advance of the AGM as well as in person at the AGM as follows:

  For Against Abstentions % For
Special Resolution 1 86 288 1 22.9%
Special Resolution 2 84 290 2 22.3%
Special Resolution 3 92 279 5 24.5%
Special Resolution 4 69 289 1 19.2%
Special Resolution 5 73 291 0 20.1%
Special Resolution 6 74 299 6 19.5%
Special Resolution 7 75 302 2 19.8%
Special Resolution 8 86 284 3 23.1%
Special Resolution 9 84 282 3 22.8%
Special Resolution 10 91 282 7 23.9%
Special Resolution 11 86 279 6 23.2%
Special Resolution 12 90 284 6 23.7%
Special Resolution 13 87 288 6 22.8%
Special Resolution 14 76 292 4 20.4%


Election of Directors

  • Steve Roebuck was nominated for and appointed to the post of General Secretary
  • Steve Linksted was nominated for and appointed to the post of Clubs Director
  • Mary Conacher was elected as a Director of the SCA by 215 votes to 100