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Scottish Racing Week

Scottish Racing Week 2017

08/08/2017 to 13/08/2017

Scottish Racing Week is a series of marathon events held in  August.  
With 5 races over 8 days Scottish Racing Week offers the opportunity to sample the rich variety of Scottish racing from the River Clyde to Linlithgow Loch & Forth and Clyde Canal to the Galloway along with some of Scotland's magnificent scenery at one of the best times of the year.
With 1 on a river, 1 on a canal and 3 on lochs – 2 marathons & 3 10k’s something for everyone both on and off the water. 
Points are awarded for each race and at the end of the week prizes are awarded.
Links to each race organisers information can be found below:

Scottish Racing Week 2017

Date Event Organiser Info
Race Week Information Final                                         On-Line Entry Form
06 August Glasgow Green Marathon Marathon Committee
Adam Rzepinski
Organisers Information Final
08 August Linlithgow Loch 10km

Sprint Committee
Rhonwyn Smith

Organisers Information Final
10 August Forth & Clyde 10km Sprint Committee
Margaret Chapman
Organisers Information Final
12 August  Loch Ken Marathon Kirkcaldy CC
Margaret Kinninmonth

Organisers Information Final

Accommodation at Loch Ken

13 August Loch Ken 10km  Sprint Committee
Margaret Chapman
Organisers Information Final

We look forward to meeting you all when you come racing in Scotland