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Scottish Women's Paddle Symposium 2017

13/05/2017 to 14/05/2017

The SWPS is a weekend designed for women paddlers to get together, improve their skills and have fun!

The aim of the weekend is to provide mentoring and inspiration to women who want to progress; whether that's to gain a new qualification or purely for enjoyment; all in a social and supportive environment.  

Whether you want to try a new discipline, increase your confidence in a specific area, or improve on a specific skill or technique, there is a workshop for you. 

Venue: Ice Factor, Kinlochleven

Disciplines: Sea Kayak, Open Canoe and White Water. 

Cost: £80 for SCA members, £95 for non-members for the whole weekend. The non-member rate includes a year's SCA Recreational Membership (available if you live in Scotland and haven't been a member during the last 3 years). 

Workshops: All workshops are full days; you can choose to do a different one each day or the same thing both days. Click the sections below for more information. 


The workshop topics listed below are intended as a guide, and coaches will happily tailor the sessions to the needs of the participants - just let us know when you register about your experience, strengths, and areas of development you'd like to work on.

White Water 

Intro to WW: For those keen to move their skills from flat to moving or just develop skills (one day or both)
Intermediate: 3* skills and looking towards 4* for those ready, river skills and leadership (one day or both)
Advanced: Looking towards 5* standard, on Saturday concentrating on skills, and Sunday River Leadership (one day or both)

Sea Kayak

3* Skills: this is a 2 day workshop based on the 3* syllabus
Sea Kayak Leadership Skills: Learn/develop/practise the leadership skills needed at 4* 
Intermediate Skills: Refine existing skills and master the skill(s) that so far have eluded you 
Rough Water Handling Skills: Improve your personal performance in more challenging conditions
Confident kayaking: Let us know what aspect of your paddling you lack confidence in, and we’ll do our best to help you feel more confident and relaxed about it 

Open Canoe

OC workshops are more fluid, please tell us when booking what you'd like to work on. Ideas for development are shown below - this which is not an exhaustive list (!), other techniques/skills that you want to work on are welcomed.   

Flat Water Skills

Forward and reverse paddling
Rafting and Sailing
Self, Deep water, swamped raft rescues and towing
Control and Manoeuvrability

Entering and exiting a simple flow

Introduction to moving water

Paddling effectively up, down and across in wind
Turns whilst on the move
Moving sideways, both static and on the move
Introduction to poling 

Advanced river skills

Up Stream manoeuvres (ferries and S- turns)
Checking, setting and reverse ferry gliding
Eddy turns both into and out of the current
Lining and poling
Principles and Leadership strategies

Accommodation, Equipment, Food & Clothing

Participants are repsonsible for their own accomodation and food. The Ice Factor allows the overnight parking of campervans, there is a water tap that can be use and free access to showers. Blackwater accommodation provides various type of self-catering accommodation from camping on -site or Glamping in Mini/Micro or Megalodge, Pods to en-suite hostel accommodation. There is free Wi-Fi Approx. 200 metres from the Ice Factor, and a Co-op Supermarket in the village. 

You are responsible for bringing all your personal equipment, however there may be an opportunity to use an open boat if you'd like to try OC and don't have access to one. Please contact for more info. 

Ice Factor have given us preferential rates for breakfast, packed lunches and a group dinner on the Saturday night (for pre-orders only). Please order any food you'd like when you enter. Prices are: Breakfast rolls from £2.50, packed lunches £5, Saturday 3 course dinner £18. 

SWPS 2017 Hoodies are available to buy (£20) in a variety of sizes, if you'd like one please order when you enter.