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Well Run Clubs Conference 2018

17/11/2018 to 18/11/2018

We have an action packed weekend of workshops and networking with other clubs planned. 

When: 17th and 18th of November 

Where: National Centre Inverclyde, Largs

Who: The event is open to anyone from an SCA Affiliated Club. It is best suited to those in committee, leadership or coaching roles. 

Workshop options are correct at time of bookings open but are subject to change. We will contact you if any workshop options you have booked change.

What: There are a wide variety of workshops available that are aimed at the club committee or members representing the committee. The workshops will be delivered by a range of experts from across sport, for example representatives from GB Sport, sportscotland and SCA staff.

How to Book

Packages - First 20 bookings of packages 1 and 2 receive £5 discount

Package 1 - Residential £85 (Access to conference for both days, Saturday & Sunday Lunch, Saturday Night Dinner, Saturday Night B&B). First 20 Icicles price £80. After 

Package 2 - Non-Residential £33 (Access to conference for both days, Saturday & Sunday Lunch)*

Package 3 - Saturday Day Delegate £20 (Access to the workshops on Saturday and Lunch)*

Package 4 - Sunday Day Delegate £20 (Access to the workshops on Sunday and Lunch)*

Saturday Night Dinner* - £13 is an optional extra for Packages 2, 3 and 4

Bookings Closes 1st November!!

Workshop Selection

When booking you MUST click one of the package tickets at the top and then when choosing the workshops: 

Please select one workshop from group A, one from group B, one from group C* ect. 

*Group C - Effective Club Governance runs over Sessions C and D.

If a workshop is listed below and is then not visible at the booking phase this workshop is fully booked. 

Entry can be made online here. Spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sean on

Please ensure that you are logged into you account on the SCA Portal when booking and we look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday Workshops - A

Workshop 1 - Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management for Clubs is a designed to help you recruit, develop and recognise committee members more effectively, and covers key areas that are required to build a strong network of volunteers within your club, specifically committee members, as well as the abundance of helpers who sometimes do the small things that make the big difference. It will give you the opportunity to share your own good practice with others and pick up new ideas. The workshop is aimed at sports club representatives who may have a role in the recruitment, support & development and recognition & reward of club volunteers that the club needs to develop, manage, administrate and lead their club.
Learning Outcomes
  • Identified methods to plan for effective recruitment
  • Explore best practice in successful inductions
  • Identified a range of methods to support volunteers
  • Identified a range of methods to recognize and reward volunteers


Workshop 2 - Go Membership and Data Protection; Tips and Training 

The SCA portal, Go Membership, is utilised by all affiliated clubs to manage membership, access records of members, record PVGs, view qualifications, training records, and download reports. We'll explore the range of functionality available and how to streamline processes. This session is aimed at club secretaries or online administrators and will provide an overview of functionality.  It is suitable for those new to the system and for existing users. We will also provide an overview of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which came into effect on 25th May and apply to all organisations that process (collect, store, use, report on etc.) personal data of individuals within an EU state. These are aimed at club secretaries and others in clubs who deal with membership records and/or data protection.




Saturday Workshops - B

Workshop 1 - Social Media For Clubs

This interactive workshop outlines how a club can use social media as a key part of an effective marketing strategy to enable it to retain and attract customers. Fully updated for 2016, it outlines the social media platforms available, how they should be used, how to monitor the results and how to maximise the benefits of the paid advertising offered by many of the platforms. The workshop includes practical examples of how to use the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a detailed look at how to use the targeting tools available on these platforms to ensure a club reaches its intended market. It also details how to integrate social media with the club’s other communication platforms such as the website and newsletter. 

Learning Outcomes
On completing the workshop, the delegates will:  

  • Have a detailed understanding of what social media is and the benefits of including it in the club’s marketing strategy  
  • Know the best social media platforms to use, based on the intended target markets for the club  
  • Understand how to put together an effective social media team, with the required skill set to make it work  
  • Be able to create content that the club’s customers will want to read and share  
  • Know how and when to use the paid services available within the popular social media platforms in a cost effective way  
  • Know how to access the best free social media tools to make the administration simple and professional  


Workshop 2 - Insurance

The first section will be a presentation by Towergate who are the insurers for British Canoeing and the SCA, and therefore the insurance providers for affiliated clubs. This presentation will allow attendees to better understand what is covered and what isn’t covered through their insurance.
Towergate insure both SCA individual members, affiliated club members as well as offering boat insurance to those that take this option in addition to their SCA membership. 
Following their presentation there will be a combined question and answer session that will then look at how clubs plan trips while remaining within the insurance parameters. 

Learning Outcomes

  • On completing the workshop, the delegates will:
  • Have gained a better understanding of what the insurance covers both as an SCA member and affiliated club.
  • Had the opportunity to put forward individual questions.



Saturday Workshops - C

Workshop 1 - Effective Club Governance - (This is a double session)

It is very common for a not for profit sports club committee to spend so much time managing the club that they do not pay enough attention to governing it effectively. This interactive workshop explains what governance is and how it differs from management of the club. It outlines how a well governed club should be structured, covering key aspects such as the constitution, committee structure and the legal status of the club. The workshop provides a step by step guide on how to create a simple strategic plan, supplemented by an annual action plan that is tailored to the identified goals and objectives of the club. We also outline ways in which the club committee can delegate management of the club to ensure that it is able to govern effectively and how the committee can monitor and measure its governance activities. 

Learning Outcomes
On completing the workshop, the delegates will:  

  • Have a thorough understanding of the importance of governing effectively and how to ensure it allocates sufficient time to governance  
  • Be able to review the current governance of the club and identify those areas of governance that require attention  
  • Create and implement a simple strategic and business plan that provides direction and purpose  
  • Have a working knowledge of how to delegate management tasks to sub-committees and groups 


Workshop 2 - Responsible Access and Protecting the Environment 

This workshop will look at how we retain the open access to water we all enjoy. It will look at what is involved in taking responsible access.
It will also look at how we protect the environment while still enjoying our sport.  

Learning Outcomes
 On completing the workshop, the delegates will have covered:  

  • Responsible parking, 
  • Access and egress points
  • What is reasonable and what we do if challenged
  • Environmental considerations

Saturday Workshops - D

Workshop 1 - Continuation of Effective Club Governance


Workshop 2 - Safeguarding Standards - An Overview

The Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport and accompanying self-evaluation tool have been developed by the Safeguarding in Sport service for sportscotland, to enable sports organisations including clubs to put measures in place that help them on a journey to achieve these goals and beyond.This workshop will explore some of the key messages from the standards and how they can help focus activities in a club. 


  • Have an understanding of the Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport and how to use the self-evaluation tool 
  • Identified key actions for your own club 

Saturday Drop In Sessions

There will be drop in sessions on Saturday between 5 and 6pm no booking required. More info to follow. 

Sunday Workshops - E

Workshop - 1 Planning Progressive Pathways 

In this session, head of performance and pathways, Remi Gaspard, will take you through the key principles of creating effective pathways within your clubs in order to help your paddlers progress regardless of their aspirations. Remi will highlight what an effective pathway might look like at a club level and how you can harness the strength of your club coaches and members in order to maximise progression.

Learning Outcomes

Following this workshop delegates will;

  • Have looked at their clubs present pathway
  • Have looked at ways in which they can strengthen this pathway going forward. 
  • Be provided with practical ideas and solutions for building strong progressions for paddlers at all levels and of all aspirations


Workshop - 2 British Canoeing Coaching and Personal Performance Awards 

An update on forthcoming changes to British Canoeing coaching and personal performance awards taking effect in January 2019. This will include Q&A and action planning on how your club may utilize and engage with these awards

Sunday Workshops - F

Workshop 1 - Progressing Paddlers Through Play

In this session, coach and pathway developer, Doug MacDonald, will take you through some recent work that the performance team have been doing around the use of deliberate play in progressing paddlers. Doug will take you through some of the principles of using play to progress paddlers, highlight some of the learning that has taken place from recent work and give you ideas on how you can use deliberate play to accelerate the progression of your club paddlers.

Learning Outcomes
On completing the workshop, the delegates will;

  • Have explored the principles of deliberate play in progressing paddlers
  • See the applications of deliberate play through the work carried out by the performance team so far
  • Be provided with practical ideas for using deliberate play to help accelerate the progression of club paddlers, regardless of their level or aspirations



Workshop 2 - Deployment of Coaches and Leaders 

This workshop will look at how clubs can appropriately manage the deployment of coaches and leaders to deliver club activities. What are the factors to consider and where does responsibility lie. We will refer to the British Canoeing Environmental Definitions & Deployment Guidance for Instructors, Coaches & Leaders and look at some good practice examples of deployment.

Learning Outcomes
Following this workshop delegates will;

  • Understand what is involved when clubs are deploying coaches / leaders. 
  • They will have a better understanding of remits, ratios and operating guidelines.

Sunday Workshop - G

Workshop 1 - Sharing Practice in Clubs

Following some very interesting and informative case studies from clubs attending the previous club conference, we will again be looking to club members to share some of the successes and how the clubs achieved them. We will be looking for 2 - 3 volunteers to give a 10 minute presentation on a project, event or similar that their club has run so that we can share this with the other clubs attending. There will be a short period for questions following each presentation.


Workshop 2 - Developing facilities including funding and planning

The workshop will concentrate on the revised Sport Facilities Fund with an overview of the new online process and a more in depth look at the impact measures that will lead towards a successful application. We will also update on the other sources of funding available through sportscotland and our partnerships. Learning Outcomes
On completing the workshop, the delegates will;

  • Understand sportscotland’s revised facility fund
  • Understand the Impacts expected for a successful application
  • Have an understanding of completing the online application form
  • Be aware of other funding opportunities