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Club Constitution - Information

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In order to affiliate / re-affiliate to SCA, clubs constitutions (or other equivalent governing document) are required to meet the following criteria. The requirements below are based on generic sportscotland criteria required by all organisations receiving any funding e.g. Awards for All.

A template constitution is available from sportscotland help for clubs.

The document must: 

  1. State the name of the club
  2. Be formally adopted by the club (e.g. evidence of an Annual General Meeting when the document was adopted). 
  3. State the objectives or aims of the club; with aims aligning to those of the SCA
  4. State that the club will be affiliated to SCA
  5. Explain the management – who is on the committee, what they do, how the club will manage matters arising. Clubs with under 18s must explicitly list Safeguarding Officer as a committee role. 
  6. Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting - date by which AGM dates place each year, number of members required to attend, define notice period
  7. Dissolution – In the event that the club will cease to exist detail how the club will spend/transfer its remaining funds and how it should be dissolved
  8. Explain the club is not for profit distributing / Non Commercial and genuinely not-for-profit and therefore no payment to Directors, Committee members etc
  9. Include an open to all clause - updated to meet Equality Act 2010
  10. Be gender neutral (e.g. refer to “Chair” not “Chairman”)
  11. Have equal representation for male and female specific posts (if they exist) on committee (e.g. if there is a male captain there must also be a female captain)
  12. Outline a disciplinary procedure including a right of appeal 
  13. Membership: 
  • Define membership categories and voting rights
  • Have an appeal procedure for rejected membership applications and expelled member
  • No separate male and female memberships
  • No Proposer and Seconder required in order to be a member
  • No probationary period for membership