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Club Safety

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We recommend clubs consider implementing the following documents:
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessment(s)

Club Standard Operating Procedures
This is a simple description of how the club operates on a day to day basis. It should cover who is responsible for carrying out certain tasks within the club. You’ll find the Club Standard Operating Procedure Template download a useful guide to which areas need to be covered on your procedures. Not all may be applicable to your club but equally there may be other procedures you observe which could be entered. It can be used as guidance or as a template for your written procedures.

Club Health and Safety Policy

The British Canoeing Safety Guidance download contains lots of useful safety guidelines for paddler, clubs and volunteers. Affiliated clubs should have a Health and Safety Policy. A Health and Safety Policy statement template can be found here.

Club Risk Assessment
Guidance for writing a risk assessment can be found by reading this document.