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Coaching CPD

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To fulfil the CPD aspect of the Coach Update Scheme, a coach should show active involvement with CPD in both of the above areas in every 3 year period.

British Canoeing appreciates that coaches may choose to develop themselves through a variety of means, and seeks to recognise formal, non-formal and informal development. By the following routes;

1. Participation in a recognised course

British Canoeing has reviewed a selection of training courses against the above areas and published a list of recognised courses. The list includes both BCU courses as well as courses run by established external organisations. Where a coach has attended one or more of the courses from this list their CPD validity can be extended for a specified period, of either 1.5 or 3 years. For full details refer to Appendix 1 

2.    Participation at a Coaching Matters event

To support coach development the British Canoeing and the Home Nation Associations offer a series of Coaching Matters events. These provide development opportunities within the local area. Participation at one of these events will be automatically extended the coach’s CPD validity for 3 years from the date of the event. For a list of upcoming Coaching Matters events please refer your Home Nation website.

3.    Application for Recognition of CPD

Coaches may register other development which they have done, including mentored practice, site-specific training etc by submitting an Application for Recognition of CPD Form. For full details please refer to Appendix 2a

If you are organising an event which provides an opportunity for coaches to develop in the areas of Coaching Aspects and Safe Practice, and would like the event to be recognised as a CPD opportunity you can register the event with your Home Nation Association.