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Club Kayaking Activity

Club Affiliation

Join the network of over 80 clubs across Scotland. 

What are the benefits of affiliation?

  • Civil Liability Insurance for recognised club activities
  • Access to subsidised training courses and funding grants (where applicable)
  • Club details listed on the SCA Website
  • Right to organise events (with permission) under the auspices of the SCA
  • Scottish Paddler, official magazine of SCA every quarter
  • Canoe Focus, official magazine of British Canoeing every quarter
  • Certificate of Affiliation and Insurance
  • Support and professional advice from SCA Staff
  • Discipline specific advice from volunteers serving on SCA Committees
  • Advice and help with paddling related queries via the SCA Office
  • Help and advice on Child Protection and the processing of the relevant forms

How to Affiliate to the SCA

Affiliation can now be carried out online via SCA Self Service. If you do not yet have Club Admin permissions enabled, please contact the SCA office 

If a club wishes to affiliate to the SCA for the first time,

Requirements of affiliation

  • Have a constitution that fits with the SCA's aims (see below)
  • Have a suitable child protection policy in place and nominate a child protection officer (if there are members under 18 years old) 
  • Complete an online club registration and submit a full list of club members and maintain this list via Self Service. Please contact us to request access to the Clubs area of Self Service if you do not already have this.  

Only when the above requirements have been met and the club has received formal confirmation via the SCA office is affiliation complete. Affiliation is valid for 12 months. 

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Club Affiliation Fees

Affiliation fees are based on the number of members who are not Individual Members of the SCA. 

Club Size   from 31/12/16 from 31/12/17
Clubs with up to 20 members who are not individual SCA members   £95 £100
Clubs with up to 21-40 members who are not individual SCA members   £142 £150
Clubs with between 41 and 100 members who are not individual SCA members   £190 £200
Clubs with between 101 and 200 members who are not individual SCA members   £305 £325
Clubs with more than 200 members who are not individual SCA members   £370 £390

Individual SCA members are those who pay an annual membership fee to the SCA for Full, Junior, Recreational or Family membership


SCA Connect - commission from membership

The SCA is currently piloting a scheme to reward affiliated clubs who process SCA memberships for new SCA members. The scheme is known as 'SCA Connect'. 

SCA membership continues to grow and we are keen for more affiliated club members to be part of the SCA and benefit from some of our many benefits including insurance cover for individuals for all paddling activity whereas club insurance only covers club member engaged in official club activities.   

The commission rates are as follows:

  • Full membership - cost £37, commission to club £10
  • Recreational membership - cost £24, commission to club £5 
  • Junior membership - cost £17, commission to club £3

Commission only applies to first time SCA members or those who have not been an SCA member within the last 2 years. 

Memberships are processed via Self Service in exactly the same way as club secretaries currently register a new club member, but instead select the appropriate membership type and complete the payment. Payment can be made online via credit/debit card, or an invoice emailed automatically so that the club can pay the membership fees by cheque or bank transfer. Upgrading an existing club member to become an SCA member is also only a few clicks. 

If your club would be interested in taking part in this next phase, please get in touch

Focus Clubs

What is a Focus Club?

A Focus club is an affiliated canoe club that has applied and been selected to receive extra support for a 12 month period from the SCA’s Regional Development Manager (RDM). The RDM role is funded by sportscotland as it is many sports and there are around 50 Regional Development Officers in all sports in Scotland. 
The Targets set by sportscotland for the RDM are;

  • To increase membership within Focus Clubs 

And/ Or

  • To Develop Athletes to SCA Performance Levels within Focus Clubs (Olympic Disciplines)

Looking at the statement above you might think that that only clubs that are involved in the Olympic discipline of Slalom or Sprint could become focus clubs, however this is not true. Whilst some focus clubs might be involved in these activities equally a focus club could be a purely recreational. 

Criteria to become a Focus Club

To be considered to become a focus club the club must;

  • Be willing to engage and work with the SCA
  •  Have the potential to meet one of the targets listed above
  • Looking to develop your club
  • Commitment

During 2015 there were 12 focus clubs selected and it is envisaged that this number is likely to remain the same into 2016 and beyond, though the clubs are likely to change over the years. 

Types of Support

  • Help with Club Development Plans
  • Assistance with Equipment and Facilities Funding
  •  Link to sportscotland
  • Assistance and Guidance to Direct Club Investment
  • Links to Active Schools and Local Authorities
  • Guidance on committee roles
  • Coach Development
  • Club Structure
  • Coach Funding
  • Disability Training

Focus Clubs for 2016

  • Aberdeen Kayak Club
  • Aboyne Canoe Club
  • Breadalbane Canoe Club
  • Eastwood and East Kilbride Canoe Club
  • Edinburgh Kayak Club
  • Fife Canoeing Activities Group
  • Forth Canoe Club
  • Glasgow Kayak Club
  • Inverness Canoe Club
  • North Berwick Canoe Club
  • St Andrews University Canoe Club
  • Strathallan Canoe Club