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Join us - Scottish Canoe Association


Join us - Scottish Canoe Association



To apply for SCA  membership for the first time or to apply to renew your membership visit our online portal.

SCA Memberships start at only £17 for junior members (Under 18) and up to £36 for full membership (if paid by direct debit or £39 for other payment methods). Please see the section below explaining the different categories and their benefits and entitlements.

You can also join/renew by phone during office hours (0830-1530) by calling us on 0131 317 7314.


Membership Categories

The SCA have a number of membership options, with a range of benefits.




Junior U18

Family Adult

Family Recreational

Family U18


Membership Card  •          
Advice, Information & Core Service              
Voting Rights or Election (+18 only)              
Stand for election on SCA Board/Committees              
Civil liability insurance within the UK, up to £10,000,000               
Scottish Paddler - official SCA quarterly magazine              
Access Advisors Network - providing information on access, legislation              
Reciprocal BC membership - SCA members enjoy the rights of BC membership including the ability to participate in events organised by other home nations (BC, CANI and CW)            
Competition - the right to participate in competitions organised by SCA, BC, CANI and CW              
Coaching membership              
Discounts (half price certificates) on selected Personal Tests and Awards               
Option to subscribe to Kayak Session, international white water magazine (4 issues), for additional £20              
Option to include Boat Insurance (additional fee applies)  - see below.               
Discounts with a wide range of retailers/organisations  - see below.              
Member Advantages - a comprehensive discount scheme with over 1800 retailers and services              

£36 (Direct Debit)

£39 Non Direct Debit

£25 £18 £22 £22 £16 £17
ANNUAL FEE (from 1st December 2018)

£38 (direct debit),

£42 (non direct debit)

£26 £19 £23 £23 £17 £18



Member Advantages - discounts for Full members

It's time to start saving!

SCA Member Advantages, the new membership benefit scheme designed especially for SCA Full members is now live. Visit the benefits website to browse the offers available.

You can make savings on your food shopping, on electrical devices, canoeing products and services, insurance, clothing and much more!

Save up to 50% on your desktop or mobile
You may also wish to subscribe to Member Advantages email newsletters on particular discounts; this can be done via ‘My Details’ link within the Member Advantages website. 

Log in today to start saving!

How to access Member Advantages

Visit the online portal and click on the Member Advantages button. Log in with your SCA membership number and password (or a username you have previously set). 


Membership Discounts - for all SCA members

To access the membership discounts below, visit the online portal and click on the Documents Library tile to download the full listing of membership benefits. 



Discount Available

Active Outdoor Pursuits Logo

Active Outdoor Pursuits

Save 10% on qualifying products

Cotswold Outdoor

Save 15% on current stock items

Craggan Outdoors Save 10% on pre-booked & pre-paid accommodation &/or activities at Craggan Outdoors, 'The Active Heart of the Cairngorms'

Craigdon Mountain Sports

Save 15% on sales with their loyalty scheme

Desperate Measures

Save 10% on qualifying products

Explore Highland

Save 10% on qualifying products including hire, guided adventures and course

Gael 8

Save 10% online


Save 10% on the Easy Load Roof Rack for kayaks, canoes and dinghies as well as assorted paddling kit (exclusions apply).


Kayak Carrier Systems 10% off all main products. 
Inchree Centre 10% discount for SCA members. 
Love Our Oceans 10% discount on their Kingi Floatation wristband floatation device


Save 10% on qualifying products

Northeast Kayaks

North East Kayaks

Save 10% off all qualifying products

Outdoor First Aid Limited

Save 10% discount on course fees for individuals or group bookings


Outdoor Croatia

10% off for all kayak tours and rentals

OutThere Campervans

Save 10% on all hires, including extra gear

Paddle Lochaber

Save 10% on guiding, coaching and BCU courses

Port Edgar Watersports

10% off all courses including sailing etc but excluding instructor courses/professional qualifications, and £20/day hire on sea kayaks and canoes

Reed Chillcheater

Save 10%

Rhino Car Hire

Save 5%

The Torridon

Save 10% on B&B and Activities

World of Survival

Save 10% of all products

Boat Insurance Options

The SCA offers optional Boat Insurance to Full & Junior Members.

There are six types of cover depending on the number and value of boats to be insured. Boat insurance must be taken out at the point of renewing SCA membership and insurance category cannot be changed or upgraded during the membership year. Insurance or other extras can be added at any point of the year although the full annual premium/price will be due and the insurance/magazine subscription will expire at the same time as your membership. 

  • Standard Single - (£27.50) - Cover for a canoe or kayak, paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own, covering one craft up to a value of £1000.00 and £100. any one paddle.
  • Standard Multi   - (£45.00) - Cover for up to three canoes or kayaks paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own with a limit of £1000.00 per craft and £100 any one paddle.
  • Premium Single - (£60.00) - Cover for a canoe or kayak, paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own, covering one craft up to a value of £2500.00 and £200 any one paddle.
  • Premium Multi   - (£85.00) - Cover up to three canoes or kayaks paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own, with a limit of £2,500 per craft and £200 any one paddle.
  • Extreme Single - (£110.00) - Cover for a canoe or kayak, paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own, covering one craft up to a value of £5,000 and £350 any one paddle.
  • Extreme Multi - (£180.00) - Cover for up to three canoes or kayaks, paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids that you own, with a limit of £5,000 per craft and £350 any one paddle.

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    Magazine Subscription Options

    Scottish Paddler

    Scottish Paddler is the SCA's official magazine, sent to all Individual members four times per year. It contains trip reports, news and event information from across Scotland.

    Contributions from members are always welcome. Contact the Editor for further information.

    Kayak Session

    The SCA has partnered with the publishers of international white water magazine Kayak Session to offer special subscription rates to SCA members.

    12 months subscription (4 issues) costs £20 and will be added to your membership fee.

    Subscriptions are available at the time of membership renewal and is available to Full adult or Junior members.

    Online subscription direct with the publishers is currently 29.99 Euros.

    Find out more about the magazine at Please note that this subscription is only available within the UK. 

    Day Membership (non-members at SCA events)

    SCA Day Membership is for non-members while they take part in SCA events. It allows those who have not yet joined (or cannot demonstrate current membership) to take part in specific events. These are normally introductory events and the aim is that attendees go on to become individual members of the SCA.

    Day membership costs £5 and this can be redeemed against Full and Junior individual membership for up to 12 months - saving you money when you join the SCA.

    Day membership is available to purchase online through Go Membership for all relevant events it applies to. and provides civil liability insurance cover for. the individual while they take part in the specific event for which the Day membership has been purchased. 


    Liability Insurance

    SCA is part of the British Canoeing liability insurance provided by Towergate. 

    Visit the British Canoeing Insurance page for full details of coverage. 

    General points concerning membership:

    • For convenience, you can set up a Direct Debit payment (saving £3/year on Full membership) 
    • There must be at least one Full or Recreational member to qualify for the Family rate.
    • Under the 1979 British Canoeing Federal Agreement, membership (other than Supporter) is only available to those living in Scotland or outside the UK.  If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, please join the relevant home nation association.
    • If you have previously been a member of another British Canoeing Home Nation association (Canoe Wales, British Canoeing or Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) and hold any coaching, performance or safety awards please contact us to advise in order that a copy of your records may be obtained from the other home nation.
    • Find out how we will handle your data.