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Why Join?

Why Join?


The best way to support our work is to join us.

Our vision

"To enable and inspire involvement in paddlesport; for enjoyment, health, community, challenge and achievement."

The SCA vision underpins everything we do. Our work is vast and ranges from supporting individual, coach & club development, to organising paddling events, to advising and working with other organisations including sportscotland on high level governance and developing the future of the sport. To find out more about what we do and our plans for the future, visit the About page. 

Why should I join? 

Support: By joining the SCA you will add your voice to the existing members to help us support paddlesports in Scotland, the SCA is only as strong as the members we represent. You'll also be part of the biggest paddling network in Scotland offering support to you as an individual in many ways.  

Insurance: SCA membership is your passport to paddle across the globe with the right insurance cover. You will have Public/Products Liability Insurance to a limit of £10 million, which is vaild Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada for Management Liability). This will protect you if you are held responsible for causing injury to another person or financial loss or damage to someone else's property. If you are a member of an Affiliated Club, the insurance you receive through that is only valid during official club activity. By being an SCA member you can paddle outside of your club environment safe in the knowledge that you are properly covered. 

Savings: There are hundreds of savings open to you as an SCA member. Most of these are directly through the SCA on a wide variety of events, courses, and selected awards, and SCA discounts are available on a wide range of paddling and non-paddling related goods/services. Full members are also entitled to the membership benefit scheme Member Advantages, which gives discounts with major retailers, such as Tesco, Asda, the Apple Store and B&Q. 

What do I get? 

There are a small number of membership categories, the main ones being Full, Junior and Recreational, visit the membership page to find out more about the categories available. Here are a few of the benefits available:

  • Scottish Paddler - the SCA magazine delivered quarterly
  • Monthly member e-newsletters
  • Access to a large support network consisting Access Advisors, Regional Officers, and invitation to regional open forums
  • Option to include boat insurance: 6 categories depending on the level of cover you require (Full & Junior members only)
  • Reciprocal membership of British Canoeing, which includes the ability to participate in events organised by other home nations: BC, CANI and CW
  • Discounts at the SCA Campsite
  • Discounts on SCA courses and events

How do I join?

You can join the SCA in less than 5 minutes! Its easily to join online in the SCA Portal or by phoning the office. We hope you decide to join the SCA and show your support to the future of paddlesports in Scotland. If you'd like to find out more about membership or the SCA in general, please feel free to contact us anytime.