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31/07/2018 - River Loy Fish Trap

Tue 31 July 2018

Marine Scotland Science are working to try and establish the causes of salmon decline on the West Coast and are conducting some tagging work on the River Loy put into the River Loy, (trib of the river Lochy near Fort William). As part of this work we will place an adult fish trap in the River Loy from August-December 2018.

The trap will span the entire river about half way between the road bridge and the canal tunnels grid ref 214878 781808. The trap will be downstream of the exit point just below the road bridge so hopefully won't be an issue for most paddlers. However if you want to continue down through the tunnels you will have to portage around it. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. We plan to run the trap till late December but will keep folk up to date on SCA's facebook site.

There will be information/warning signs at the get out and put in spots in the hope this will catch most folk. There will also be warning signs upstream of the obstacle. 

This will be the last year of the project.