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Allt Luadhie (Loch Ness) Camping

Thu 03 August 2017

The SCA Office has received the following message from Green Highland Renewables about the informal camping site at Allt Luadhie often used by people paddling the Great Glen Way. Please help to spread the word that whilst they have no objections to responsible camping, they request that people refrain from using the outfall as a toilet (for obvious reasons and those stated below). Thank you

We were visiting Allt Luadhie on the south side of Loch Ness (some 8km northeast of Fort Augustus and more or less directly opposite Invermoriston) recently, which is used as an informal camp spot by canoeists. We’ve got absolutely no issues with this, however as this is an informal site there are no toilets here. It is obvious that people are using the outfall as a toilet, which is causing us issues for two reasons:
1. The outfall and tailrace must remain free of obstruction otherwise the performance of the scheme is impacted. I’m not suggesting that this alone would cause the water to back up but it certainly doesn’t help. We would then have to go in and clean it out which represents a health and safety risk and, quite honestly, isn’t something we would expect to have to do.
2. It is not a nice sight or, on a hot day, smell. I can’t imagine it makes for a pleasant camping spot for anyone if this continues. Again we would be expected to go and clean it which is unreasonable.
I know this is the minority of people doing this and appreciate that when out in the wilds nature will inevitably come calling. As above we’ve no issues at all with people camping next to the powerhouse but it needs to be done responsibly.

Jayson Drummond, Green Highways Renewables