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Alternative Homework Club at Pinkston

Tue 05 June 2018

Over recent years the SCA has been working with various clubs around Scotland as part of the Focus Club Programme in order to help them develop paddlesport in those areas in various different ways. This has resulted in clubs having better facilities, new equipment, more coaches, stronger committees and more activity taking place etc.

While a lot of paddlesport does take place in clubs, it is also takes place in centres such as Pinkston. This year as part of the SCA’s new Partnership Impact Programme alongside working with a selection of our clubs, we have expanded our programme to support to other organisations such as Pinkston Watersports for specific projects.

Credit: Chris at Bethany Trust.

One of these projects is an alternative homework club being held at Pinkston. The homework club pilot is being run once a week from Easter holidays until the summer. The long term aim of the project it to use paddlesport as a vehicle to support youngsters engaging with the homework club. As a pilot for this scheme an existing homework club has been relocated from Hillhead High School to Pinkston. Pupils attending the homework club now have a chance to take part in paddlesport activity at Pinkston.

The SCA has helped Pinkston Watersports to put together a development plan for this project alongside other partners including, Glenmore Lodge, Blairvadach Outdoor Centre, Queens Cross Housing, NG Homes, Active Schools, Bethany Christian Trust and Glasgow Kelvin College. The hope that following the pilot this homework club can be expanded and as a byproduct of the homework club stimulate more engagement and participation in paddlesport from the Pinkston local community.

For more information about the homework club at Pinkston Watersports click the link.

Credit: Chris at Bethany Trust