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20 Dec 2016

Appointment: SCA Independent Athlete Liaison

To strengthen the link between the SCA Performance programme and current or aspiring athletes, the SCA is seeking two extremely capable and well connected individuals to take on the volunteer role of Independent Athlete Liaison.

20 Dec 2016

Andy Jackson Fund for Access website

Jonathan Riddell has put together a website for the Andy Jackson Fund for Access trustees. This contains all the information about the trust, its aims and its work to date.

16 Dec 2016

Recreation Director Vacancy

Neil Farmer, the current and long standing SCA Recreation Director has decided to step down from the Board. As a result, the SCA seeks applications from individuals who are interested in joining the board to take on this role. 

14 Dec 2016

Office Closing over Christmas

Caledonia House is closed over Christmas and therefore the SCA office will also be closed from 3pm on Friday 23rd December. The office will reopen at 8:30am on Wednesday 4th January. 

14 Dec 2016

River Roy: Fence at Egress

On a recent visit to the River Roy it seems that the usual get off point (below the railway bridge - below Roybridge itself) has had a temporary fence erected (a makeshift fence made from chicken mesh attached with cable ties and string).

12 Dec 2016

Survey: Measuring Water Quantity in Scottish Rivers

Weather uncertainty often results from long-term climate change, and paddlers across Scotland may have experienced this in the form of unusually high (or low!) flowing rivers in recent years.

06 Dec 2016

Safeguarding Advice

In light of recent media attention, we are aware that clubs from across all sports may have increased anxiety about child protection.

05 Dec 2016

Wild Water Racing - GB Team Selection

Full details of selection requirements and race venue details have been posted on the national web site at -

25 Nov 2016

Linlithgow Winter Time Trial #1 - Cancelled :-(

Due to the low temperatures over the last few days, which have got as low as -7C, the canal has a layer of ice approximately 25mm over the majority of the course.  The forecast is for slightly warmer temperatures with light winds which is highly unlikely to thaw the ice.

25 Nov 2016

River Yarrow: Works

23rd November 2016: 400 metres downstream from the normal put in mentioned in the guidebook at Yarrowford, the road bridge there is undergoing extensive renovations.