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British Canoeing Launch NEW Guide Scheme and open Guide Provider Applications

The Guide Endorsement is for British Canoeing Leaders who are involved in guiding activity, particularly those working within Adventure Tourism and Commercial Markets. This endorsement is aimed at supporting and recognising the additional skills required when fulfilling a guiding role. 

The endorsement is available to British Canoeing Leaders who have completed learning relevant to their guiding role. This may include topics such as trip planning/organisation, leadership styles, customer care, camp craft, minimising impact on communities/environment, adding value to the customer experience, with British Canoeing offering a range of modules covering these topics.

The benefits of becoming a British Canoeing Guide are: 
•    Promotion through a specific page on the British Canoeing website;
•    Use of the British Canoeing Guide logo;
•    Formal recognition;
•    Access to additional guide training and sharing run by fellow experts in the field of guiding;
•    A forum for endorsed guides to share good practice, guiding issues, trends and CPD opportunities;
•    Increase in employment potential both in the UK and Internationally.

To enter the guide scheme, applicants will need to have held a British Canoeing Leadership Award for two years with a logged leading experience of at least 20 journeys/trips. Applicants will need to have completed a minimum of 3 recognised areas of development and complete an Application for the British Canoeing Guide Scheme. Once accepted on the scheme, candidates will need to gain a reference from a fellow guide before their British Canoeing Guide can be endorsed. Full details of the entry requirements and how to become and endorsed guide can be found on the Guide section of the website

Become a Guide Provider
The British Canoeing Guide Provider role is to support the development of the Guide Scheme, the delivery of specific modules, act as a review panel and enable supportive mentoring for aspirant guides entering the scheme.  British Canoeing Coaching and Qualifications Department is responsible for appointing appropriate providers as required.
Guide Providers are normally appointed for the two year period. Skilled providers are critical to the development of the sport moving forward, they play a key role in the development and future provision of British Canoeing qualifications. 
Further details can be found in the Guide Provider Role Description and Guide Provider Application Form - applications close on 30th May 2017.