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British Canoeing Rebrand the Leadership Awards

Following the announcement of the new Paddlesport Leader Award, British Canoeing would also like to announce the rebranding of the existing British Canoeing 4 and 5 Star Leadership Awards. 

From April 2017, for example, the British Canoeing 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader will become ‘British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader’, and the British Canoeing 5 Star Sea Kayak Leader changed to ‘British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader’. 

Feedback from our members suggest that these are more descriptive terms, will be easier to understand for the end-user and will support our Leaders in describing their qualifications and remit. There are no changes to the syllabus or requirements and candidates who have already completed training or will complete before April 2017 can continue as normal. Certificates issued after 1st April 2017 will have the new titles.