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Committee Modernisation

The existing SCA Committee structure has been in place for many years and required a review and clarification on how things should run. The review was conducted by a small working group comprising a mix of board members, a staff member a member of slalom committee and a member of recreation committee. Working since early 2016, the review group invited views and feedback from SCA members and committee members in the form of online surveys and the review work is now concluded.

The SCA board has agreed the new terms of reference for each committee as well as some changes to the overall structure. In many cases, there is not much that has changed, only the processes and roles have been clarified, in order to make this more transparent to the wider membership. It is planned to transition to the new structure over a 12 month period with an aim to have the revised structure fully in place by the AGM November 2017.

Full committee changes are available in full in the briefing note available here, along with some FAQs about the work and changes in general. The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • A new Coaching and Development Committee with a broader remit than the existing Coaching Committee, will replace the Coaching Committee.  The Coaching and Development Committee will focus on all aspects of the development of paddlesport through Regional Officers, replacing Regional Coaching Officers.
  • Formation of two new groups to replace the former Access Committee; one smallish Access and Environment Policy Committee and a larger Access & Environment Network.
  • The Appointments process has been clarified for all committees with positions being clearly advertised in SCA communications and the opportunity for all relevant members (e.g. in a particular region or discipline) to vote. 
  • We aim to hold an Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) in all competition disciplines, which would be the time of year to elect the committee. ACMs are to be held at a time and place which is appropriate for the discipline concerned (usually around the end of the competition season). The process for people becoming members of competition discipline committees will remain the same this year as in previous years; i.e. individuals complete a form available to download from SCA website and ask others to countersign and submit to SCA office prior to the AGM which takes place on 12th November.  The revised process for people becoming members of committees will commence in 2017.

As a result of the changes there are a number of opportunities available to members to get more involved in the SCA, details of which can be seen here

A huge amount of consideration and hard work has gone into this restructure and the SCA Board would like to thank all the people involved. The SCA Board is extremely grateful to all the volunteers on the SCA Committees for the valuable contribution they play in delivering the sport, and looks forward to working with volunteers, current and new, so that the sport can continue to flourish.