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Feedback from Membership Consultation

Wed 06 September 2017

Review of Membership - update:

One of the key actions in the current SCA 4 year plan is to review membership categories and benefits and to consult with members, club members and non-members and seek their views on the current situation and ideas for furture changes. British Canoeing is conducting a similar consultation process in England.

Discussions have taken place at the Regional Forum meetings in Spring 2017 and an online survey was conducted from 17th June to 17th July this summer. 132 people responded to the survey and their feedback is contained in the pdf document.

Findings of Survey: 

  • The online survey was only intended to be the opening action in this review.
  • The results are interesting but not conclusive/decisive.
  • Respondents were typically (but not exclusively) representative of the SCA's largest proportion of members – middle aged, male paddlers, many of whom also belong to one or more clubs and many of whom hold coaching and/or leadership qualifications.
  • There are a wide range of other respondents (differences in age and interests) in addition to those above, there are many points of view, not all of which are consistent with each other. i.e. there is no key action that the SCA could take regarding membership which would satisfy or please everyone.

One key area to be further investigated is the concept of changing the status of members of affiliated club members (who are not currently individual SCA members) and recognising them as some form of SCA member. This area has the greatest potential to engage more effectively with the paddling community in Scotland and potentially would double SCA individual membership. 

There are other possible tweaks and enhancements to SCA membership which include the potential to introduce age related membership costs (for younger and/or older people) and e.g. one-off life membership fees. However, the biggest potential change and advantage for the SCA would be to engage with club members and have them seen/recognised as being individual members.

Because of the potential reward and risk involved with this it is proposed to set up a focus group which will include members nominated by their SCA affiliated club, ensuring that a range of size/type of affiliated club is represented. We need to hear the views of club committees on proposed changes. It is proposed to form this group of club members following the Sep/Oct Regional Forum meetings. 

Next Steps:

  1. Membership is further being discussed at the 8 Regional Forum meetings from 4th September to 25th October
  2. Nominations are sought from club committees for club representatives to join a focus group to discuss membership from a club perspective. Nominations close Monday 30th November. If your club is interested in taking part in these discussions please forward your nominated club person's name to Margaret Winter at the SCA Office
  3. A further opportunity for all to discuss membership benefits/categories etc will be at the break out session prior to the AGM on 11th November in Edinburgh. Breakout sessions commence 09:30 with the AGM at noon at Caledonia House, 1 Redheughs Rigg, Edinburgh EH12 9DQ (the sportscotland building)

Additional feedback is welcomed by way of email, so views can be easily collated - if you'd like to put any comments in an email, please send them to