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Freshet Release Requests

Thu 29 October 2015

The SCA preparing it's request to SEPA for recreational Freshet releases for 2016.   

In 2015 releases includes:
-Moriston (for WWPF and one Saturday in May, June, July and August)
-Garry (for WWPF, Garry Boater X)
-Lyon (two releases dates altered to provide water in the gorge section on a Saturday)
-Awe (for the white water race in spring)
The Tummel we generally leave as it releases over the weekend.

If you would like to requst a particular release date include din the request for 2016, please contact Neil Farmer ( with the river, date and times requested and what event it is for along with any other relevant information. The deadline for requests is Thursday 19th November.