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Gerry Moffatt's Film - The Tenth Step

Wed 07 March 2018









Gerry Moffatt is an Edinburgh native who is returning home with a film show which partly shows the rivers he’s run in America and Nepal. 

The shows are in George Sq, Edinburgh on Mar 29th; and Glenmore Lodge on Fri 6th April

He started paddling at school in Edinburgh with teacher Tom Sanaghan, learned more outdoor adventure at Benmore OE centre, then left Scotland age 17 to run rivers in Nepal, and has never looked back. Gerry frequently cites the quality and global reach of Scotland’s outdoor education programs as being what “started it all” for him.

He ran rafting operations in Nepal, has boated all major Himalayan rivers, and now trains local people for careers in adventure tourism.

The film, The Tenth Step, has won the Reel to Reel Adventure film festival award; plus other awards. It opens and closes with descents of the Stikine river in British Columbia, a committing multi-day trip done by only the top world boaters. The film also covers journeys climbing and filming on Everest and other Himalayan journeys. 

 What makes Gerry’s film different is the theme  of recovery from aspects of mental health and the life enhancing future this recovery brings him. He hosts a discussion after the film on this, and the audience is welcome to contribute.

Proceeds go to Gerry’s charity work in Nepal and Bhutan, but if you want to see his film before then, and make your own contribution to his charity click here. 

If your club or organisation has adventurers and wants to use the film as an innovative way to discuss mental health issues, Gerry’s film is available for public showing with a discussion pack - contact 

Thursday 29th March Gordon Aikman Lecture Theater (formerly George Square Lecture Theater), University of Edinburgh, 32 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD. Tickets for this showing can be found here.


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