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Hazard on Spey - Garmouth

Wed 26 April 2017

There is a fallen tree forming a hazard approx. half a mile upstream of the Garmouth Viaduct GR NJ 344 630. Although a significant sieve, being a fairly large tree, stretching right across the channel, it is in a ‘side channel’ and not in the main stream flow. However, as was proven last week groups of paddlers can, inadvertently, make a choice to take the hazardous channel.
Moray paddler Bob Dumbell has been a real star and has recruited fellow Moray paddlers to locate and identify the hazard (not encountered on an initial recce limited to the ‘main channels’). Bob is hopeful he can get a work-party together in the next 2 weeks, with a view to removing the tree ~ a (previously) tall birch with double ‘manageable’ trunks. If there is any doubt re safety etc., then I am sure Bob will ensure the job is referred to professionals.