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Hazard: Tree - River Spey

Wed 10 October 2018

There is a new large tree hazard perched on a rock on the top rapid at Knockando. The tree is avoidable on the right hand side and by skilful paddlers on the left.  There is quite a bit of the tree under water as a stainer hazard on the left side. The tree is wobbling with the water force on it and may come off in the next floods.  Please can folks monitor this and let us know if it has come off, or if it is creating a big problem, then we may try to put together a work party to try to remove it (it is a significant tree)

At a site just down stream of Blacksboat Bridge there was a campfire that had been left smouldering and it had spread to quite a large fire ring on the grass.  I​f anybody hires boats out or are asked for advice by other paddlers that they please remind folks about the leave no trace principals.