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NEW Code of Conduct for the Coaching Workforce

Wed 24 October 2018

British Canoeing has recently reviewed the Code of Conduct for Coaching Workforce.

The new Code incorporates the UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) Code of Practice for Sports Coaches and defines all that is best in good coaching practice.

Regardless of the badge, qualification or title, the Code applies to all those who help others achieve their goals through paddlesport.

British Canoeing acknowledge and appreciate the contribution made by coaches throughout our sport, the crucial role they play in the continued development of paddlesport and in the lives of the individuals they coach.

Good coaches ensure participants in paddlesport have positive experiences and therefore are more likely to continue in the sport and achieve their potential. Coaches should therefore ensure they demonstrate a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence at all levels.

We want to support coaches in their understanding of their responsibilities, whilst maintaining the key concept that participation is for fun and enjoyment as well as achievement.