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NEW Paddlesport Instructor Tutors

Mon 08 October 2018

We are delighted to announce the names of the 43 SCA members who will be eligible to deliver the NEW Paddlesport Instructor qualification from January 2019. 

In early summer 2017, SCA reviewed the existing 37 Paddlesport Instructor tutors against the criteria of the new award and invited all those involved to submit additional evidence and be considered for the new qualification. 11 tutors decided not to proceed and the remaining 26 will be re-orientated this autumn. 

In addition, an open invite for new applications during July and August resulted in an excellent response from coaches all over the country. The applications were reviewed against the criteria and benchmarked with applications from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 17 applicants chosen to become Paddlesport Instructor tutors from 2019. 

Orientation events commence in October through to early December to support the network to be ready to meet the expected demand.  Some tutors will have additional steps to complete prior to operating independently, but in most cases they will be able to operate as part of a pair from the outset. 

The new qualification can be delivered by 1 tutor with up to 6 candidates, giving much greater accessibility and flexibility compared with the current qualification requiring 2 tutors and between 6 and 12 candidates. 

How to access courses

Paddlesport Instructor courses will be organised through the network of 43 tutors. The deployment status of the tutors varies with some working full time at outdoor centres, in their own businesses, others on a freelance basis, volunteering in a club and so on. 

Course dates will be added to our event listing when a tutor notifies us of a course

In addition, any individual, club, centre or other organisation can contact any of the tutors to set up a course, discussing the fees, venue and other logistics. 

Who are the tutors?

Names, locations, status and contact details of those who wish them public can be found here.

The names of the tutors are: 

  • Gillian Berrow
  • Adam Burns
  • Elizabeth Cain
  • Simon Coker
  • John Crowsley
  • Samuel Dean
  • Grant Dolier
  • Mags Duncan
  • George Fell
  • Stephen Foley
  • James Gibson
  • Matt Haydock
  • Alexander Johnston
  • Philip Keetley
  • Claire Knifton
  • Jessica Leggatt
  • Stephen Macdonald
  • Steven Mackinnon
  • Alan McGonagle
  • Calum McKerral
  • Mark McKerral
  • Andrew McNamara
  • Calum McNicol
  • John Montgomery
  • Martyn Pegg
  • Kirsten Petrie
  • David Rossetter
  • David Sanderson
  • Steve Scott
  • Tom Sibbald
  • Lyle Smith
  • Michael Spencer
  • Peter Sutherland
  • Liam Watson
  • Peter White

There are a further 8 individuals who are not listed above as they have not yet given permission for their name to be published.