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Old Tweed bridge refurbishment

The bridge, just above the confluence of the Ettrick  and Tweed rivers,  is currently  being refurbished but should not pose a problem for paddlers to pass through.   However the "floating line" some 20m downstream will be more of an issue as it is attached well above water level on the bank on each side and dropping down to floating in the middle of the river, so in between, it is at a height where paddlers will be caught out if not paying attention. As long as paddlers are aware of this, there is plenty time to move towards the bank and easily pass under the rope, or go for the centre of the river and easily pass over the rope.  Awareness is crucial to avoiding trouble. If anyone is working overhead, then groups will need to decide to portage or work on a similar basis as with fishermen, attract their attention and ask for best route.