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Proposed Byelaws - Loch Lomond

Thu 08 January 2015

Information for SCA Members

SCA response to consultation now available for download. (see related files)

Your Park: transforming our loch shores

To tackle the locations which have the most acute problems it is proposed to prioritise new facilities and manage camping and irresponsible behaviour in two new proposed management zones encompassing: 

  • West Loch Lomond/north east Loch Long 
  • Wider Trossachs 
  • It is also proposed to make minor boundary amendments to the existing east Loch Lomond Zone. 

Proposed camping management byelaws and Management Zone maps (see overall map of proposed byelaws on page 20 and proposed camping management byelaws and Management Zone maps on Pg23 to Pg.42)

Extracts from Park Board Minutes 

‘Refers to anti social  behaviour these are where popular lochshores are easily accessible from a public road meaning they attract very high levels of car-borne camping use. Such heavy usage is causing environmental damage through loss of vegetation and habitats. This is significantly compounded by the antisocial and irresponsible behaviour of some visitors who leave behind significant amounts of litter, human waste, make excessive noise or behave in a way which intimidates visitors and residents. This antisocial behaviour also causes damage to the environment through cutting down live trees and irresponsible fire lighting. ‘
‘Partnership working with Police Scotland has ensured significant police and ranger patrolling presence, but this has not prevented some of the extreme antisocial and criminal behaviours that were once a feature at east Loch Lomond’. 
(Commonly-asked question;
Why has not existing anti social and criminal legislation and Acts been used to address these issues?)
Item 1.4
4.    “The National Park will be a place for visitors to enjoy. There will be a variety of high quality campsites where people from all backgrounds can pitch their tents and enjoy the outdoors without degrading the environment. This paper presents the consultation proposal to realise this vision across other areas of the Park. Branded as ‘Your Park’, the aim of the proposal is to deliver a wide range of quality camping experiences in the National Park while reducing the pressures and negative impacts on our busiest lochshores. At the same time the project offers a significant opportunity for landowners, businesses and communities to become involved in delivering or running facilities and for the National Park 
cont. Item 1.4 4
Authority to continue to promote messages about responsible camping and behaviour in the National Park. 
Item 3.6
‘Camping is a very affordable activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors, often undertaken alongside other activities such as canoeing, fishing and walking. The National Park is within an hour’s drive of 50% of Scotland’s population and has the largest concentration of accessible highland lochs which offer a range of great camping experiences. Many lochshore locations where access by car is easy and the terrain is flat enough to pitch a tent receive high levels of use often creating a “ribbon effect” of tents and fires along the water’s edge.’ 
Unauthorised Camping under proposed byelaws are;
(6)  No persons shall: 
(a) set up, use or occupy a tent, wigwam or bivouac; 
(b) set up, use or occupy overnight a form of shelter; or 
(c) sleep overnight outdoors or in a stationary vehicle (unless such vehicle is on a public road) 
within a Management Zone unless they have been authorised to do so by the Authority under byelaw 14. 
3.29  It is proposed that the operation of the byelaws is seasonal from 1 March to 31 October each year to allow for the full holiday season and taking in the Easter period. This would encompass the traditionally busiest times of year in the proposed areas. 


Your Park offers the opportunity to have your say and to get involved.
The public consultation on the Your Park proposals runs until Monday 12 January 2015.
There are 2 parts to the consultation that we would like you to comment on.

  1. To comment on our proposed investment in camping facilities, scroll down and complete the form below
  2. To comment on our proposed byelaws, we need to direct you to a different website. If you do not reach the ‘Your Park’ document immediately, use the drop down menu to choose “Your Park -transforming our lochshores (Version Consultation)” and click on select. 

This allows individuals to submit comments upon the wording of the proposals and contents.
Follow the link on the have your say 
Also direct question/queries can be addressed to

Compiled by Peter Baker, SCA Access Committee

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