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Questions and Data requests

Thu 10 July 2014

Update from SCA Board regarding requests for data.

Over the course of the last year the staff, as well as the Board, have received multiple requests for information and/or data from a small number of our members. We recognise the importance of providing the information our members need in a transparent manner but are also mindful of the challenges our current approach faces.

In particular:

  •  The requests are coming from a small number of our members and any responses are rarely circulated to the wider membership, even when the information may be of interest to the majority.
  • We do not always have the data required to satisfy the request or the data is not in a useable format.
  • The ad hoc nature of these requests and the current staffing levels means we do not always have the resources to respond within the time frames expected of us.
  • With this in mind we will be adopting a new approach going forward, one that we believe is in the best interest of all our members. Each year we will invite requests from our membership for the type of information they would like. We will then provide that information fully, or to the best of our ability in that year’s annual report – and all future annual reports as long as the information remains relevant. We believe this approach balances the practicalities of providing such information with the culture of communication and openness that we are working to create.

Some of the benefits this approach will provide:

  •  Information will be circulated to the entire membership, not just those who expressed the interest.
  • Receiving the requests in advance allows us to plan the work into staff time.
  • In situations where we do not currently capture the correct data we can change our process so that the information can be provided more comprehensively in future years.
  • This creates a culture in which a wealth of information is provided on an annual basis, rather than small amounts only when requested.
  • Although late into the year, we will endeavour to provide greater information about membership, coaching and finances in this year’s report.

We hope this process will allow our members to engage further with our association and the breadth of activity happening within it. We trust you will work with us as we continue taking steps towards creating an improved culture of communication.

SCA Board