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River Coiltie Hydro: Works Due to Start

Wed 19 October 2016

Construction is due to start this week with felling activities commencing initially.  Access remains open across the entire site throughout construction but please be aware that it is an active construction site.  If you come across an active working area please stop and wait until the operatives/banksperson acknowledges you before passing.  Some of the penstock route passes along a very steep crossfall therefore there is not a huge amount of room to pass these areas with a boat on your back.  It might actually be best to come in from the Balnain direction although that is a slightly longer walk in.  Please also drop by the site office which is to the left just after you pass through the FCS gate from Balmaccan Road direction to let the contractor know you'll be on the water.
Construction is due to finish for November 2017 with abstraction really starting in September 2017.  If the SCA community have any questions please feel free to contact Jayson Drummond (Green Highland) for further information, he is happy to help where possible.