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River Cononish: Parking

Tue 23 May 2017

River Cononish access update from Matt Brook:

After a brief chat with the Landowner to area along the river and the owner of the track up to the get on point to the River Cononish (Dalrigh). He has asked paddlers to please respect the sign and not drive up. He also asked that cars are parked in the walkers carpark and not the sandy beach at the bottom of double drop.

I will catch up with him again soon to discuss some peoples ideas of helping renovate the track etc if cars are aloud to drop boats off, but with the Mine traffic increasing this may not be a go ahead. He is reasonable and hopes everyone enjoys the river safely.

For info the paths and tracks along the lower gorge area are maintained by the Strathfillin Trust and working groups made up of locals who meet every so often to maintain the foot tracks and clear bushes.
Happy paddling...