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Update: River Doon Access

Fri 19 August 2016

19/08/2016 Update from Martin Wishart: 

Finally had a chance to chat to the proprietor of the Riverside Inn and he is happy for us to use this access again.

There will be ongoing renovation soon and if this throws up any potential issues he is happy to get back in touch and has my contact details. I have also said if he has any concerns regarding paddlers using this access to use myself as a point of contact.

To be fair he indicated that he had not quite meant for a blanket ban on using the access but was concerned about parking , especially when the new facility opens but I have reassured him that with car shuttles and the usual timings that paddlers put in this should not be an issue and he was quite happy.


Original Post 14/07/2016: The access (and parking) for the lower Doon is the car park for the Riverside Inn on the A77.  Since the Inn closed about a year ago the car park has been used  for fly tipping in lorry loads, not just the odd plastic bag.Probably as a result of this the owners have closed the car park and there does not appear to be any alternative access to the River.  Kyle Kayak Club and the SCA hope to meet the owners to discuss the situation.  in the meantime please don't attempt to use this access.