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River Feshie

Mon 12 June 2017

The River Feshie below Achlean and before the Gorge section is always braided with lots of trees to watch out for. However currently all of the river is flowing through a wooded channel with multiple strainers which means portaging is mandatory. There is no paddleable line currently. Anyone paddling should have the skills and knowledge to get out and inspect when they see something like this coming but this is just a heads up for any paddlers that might jump on the Feshie from Achlean that unlike previous years when there is always a chanel that goes, this time there is a portage for all. Portage is about 300m down the old river bed to the left of the forest obstruction. This is in the area where the large holiday house on the left bank (that a couple of years ago had new flood defense boulders put in front of it, but is now way over to the left of where the river flows. Im not sure if this is why the river is going so far right in to new woodland, it is possible diggers were used to divert the flow. Or it might also be natural as the river changes direction season by season, as floods change the flows on the flood plain).