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River Loy Fish Trap - Update

Wed 28 September 2016

Update on the Fish Trap from Marine Scotland Science Project: The trap has been removed temporarily while the situation is under review. We are hoping to get it back in but it's a challenging engineering job. If it does go back in we will let you know, and we will improve the signage at the bottom of the Glen Loy Road. Thanks to all the canoeists who have given us constructive advice and helped us spread the word about the trap being in.

Original Notice below.


The SCA has been contacted by the Lochaber Fisheries Trust about the deployment of a fish trap on the River Loy. The SCA has asked for:

Clear warning signs upriver of the trap, high enough upriver so that paddlers can get out onto the bank, even in fast water, and obviously up a bank that it is possible to climb.
If the whole river is obstructed, a signed portage route that is practicable to use, i.e. over ground that enables a kayak to be carried.
A way back on to the river that is safe, and signed.
Clear coloured safety tape on any part of the trap above water to indicate its presence
Notice to the SCA of intended dates of the trap being there, to warn paddlers on our website.
The information we have received back from Lochaber Fisheries Trust states that:

The River Loy Fish Trap will be in place August to December 2016 inclusive. It may be repeated in 2017 – further information to follow.
The trap will be just below the road bridge at 214850 781800
There is an exit/egress point about 100m upstream of the trap (grid ref 214725 781910) with a short track up to the road and slower waters for paddlers to be able to get out. If canoeists want to get back in to go through the tunnel then they can do so at 214875 781800