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River Muick: Ballater Hazard

Mon 03 June 2019

UPDATE: There is a new bridge over the river at chest height, or other critical heights as the river rises (GR 362946). Its a relatively improvised (estate) bridge but substantial enough to do somebody a lot of damage.  Paddlers should avoid the lower Muick by Millton of Brackley.

It seems as if the bridge has been replaced with a lower one that is impossible to get under unless you are capsized.  Just before there are 2 low branches you have to really duck under. Advised to get out before the branches and walk around. Or take a little diversion river right before you get to all the trees stacked in the middle of the river.

If you do get out before the branches, make sure you go river right. On the left side there are Nettles EVERYWHERE and barbed wire on the ground. The bridge is on the map below at: 350930