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River Tay: Gate at Stanley

The land owner of the Tay/Stanley/Burnmouth get in has been having severe problems with members of the public (not paddlers) abusing the area. Mass groups of walkers and dog walkers are parking and littering/vandalising. In response and as a deterrent to this behaviour he has decided to put a combination padlock on the gate, which will block vehicle access to members of the public. Paddlers will be given the code so they can still have vehicular access.

The code is not to be published but is available to all paddlers, regardless of if they are SCA members or not. If you require the code please contact the office on 0131 317 7314 or Monday - Friday, 0830 - 1530. If you need the code last minute (at weekends) please call Mike Smith on 01738 828406.