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River Tweed: Lower Makerstoun

Tue 07 May 2019

Potential danger at Lower Makerstoun on the River Tweed which is being caused by discarded shopping trolleys. They are being thrown into the Tweed miles upstream and then being washed down to the narrow choke point at the "Goat Hole" and eddies of Lower Makerstoun causing submerged wire strainers with the potential for the entrapment of swimmers and capsized paddlers.

The local Ghillie and Borders paddlers are constantly working together to clear any such obvious obstructions. Us from the point of view of paddler safety and him because fish travelling upstream are being trapped and dying in the wire structures which explains the rotting fish smell that is sometimes experienced at the "Goat Hole". 

The Ghillie estimates that he is clearing an average of 3 trolleys a week from the rapid at the choke point. He has complained to Asda and Tesco at Galashiels who are the source of the trolleys and they are doing their best to stop this happening.