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SCA Board - Communication update

Thu 10 July 2014

The SCA members who volunteer to serve as Directors of the SCA on the Board, responsible for the SCA at a strategic level, face a constant challenge around effectively communicating with their fellow SCA members. Without this communication some members could be left unaware of, or worse feeling disenfranchised from, the association’s activities. Although the board has tried to improve communications through regular articles in Scottish Paddler and the early publication of draft Board Meeting minutes, it is aware that in general, board communications come more often in the form of a statement addressing a specific issue, rather than a conversational update for the membership.

The Board acknowledges and accepts the challenge to improve communication with members. We recognise that our members want more information, more regularly but equally do not want to be overloaded with bulletins. We recognise that simply publishing our minutes is not enough and we are committed to providing a more regular update on the Board page of our website.

At this stage we ask members to bear with us as we move towards providing more regular updates and also to provide us with feedback so we can continue to try meet your needs