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SCA Board Statement - Code of Conduct

Thu 19 June 2014

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create and maintain an environment in which members, staff and volunteers can go about the Association’s business free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and other unacceptable behaviour.

Although the code was written with this purpose in mind, it was brought to our attention that one particular part was being interpreted in a manner other than intended.

We welcome feedback from our members and will continue to use such feedback to improve our policies, procedures and operation. In this instance we agree that the original line was ambiguous and have changed it.


"Shall not publish or cause to be published any criticism of the decision-making of the SCA or any SCA appointed body to deal with any dispute or disciplinary matter." 


You should Not: "Publish, or cause to be published, comments about any ongoing SCA disciplinary process"

We continue to encourage feedback on all aspects of our operation. Whilst it may not always be possible, or appropriate to make changes, we will always consider such feedback.

SCA Board