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SCA Recognition Awards 2017 - Youth Coach of the Year

Fri 15 December 2017

Youth Coach of the Year 

The award is for a volunteer coach that dedicates much of their time to the development of junior paddlers.

Winner of the Youth Coach of the Year: Stewart Pitt 

Stewart set up the youth section at Pinkston Panthers and has been a huge influence on the club. In the past year Pinkston Panthers has gone from a club with 2 or 3 division three paddlers at slalom races to double figures evetering every slalom event. It runs a summer course for children from Glasgow, and even has international paddlers competing for the club. Without Stewart’s drive, determination and desire to get the club up and running, it is doubtful any of this would have been achieved. 

Every week he is on the water, with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment no matter the weather, temperature or mood of the children. He has a wonderful coaching style with the kids. Stewart sets them goals and targets without them even realising it, and allows them to progress their skills whilst enjoying themselves and developing a huge enthusiasm to come back. He is always approachable and coaches everyone with a helpful, constructive and patient manner, which the children really appreciate. All the juniors are passionate about paddling, which all stems from Stewart and his tireless work with them at Pinkston Panthers.