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SCA Recognition Awards 2017 - Volunteer Coach of the Year

Fri 15 December 2017

Volunteer Coach of the Year 

This award is for coaches who give up their free time (and who don’t coach for a living – working within schools, clubs, youth groups, volunteer groups etc). They pass on skills and knowledge, and encourage others to have a go and improve their paddling. The nominee must be an SCA member

Winner of the Volunteer Coach of the Year: Margaret Pearson (Inverness Canoe Club)

Margaret’s enthusiasm for the sport is spontaneous and infectious. The hours she puts into leading and supporting club events is phenomenal. She is wonderfully supportive and wholly dependable. Margaret is a font of knowledge on paddling but also is a source of wise advice on issues such as child protection and group safety. Her commitment to Inverness Canoe Club is quite amazing, if a job needs doing she will organise it, do it or turn up to support it. It is very much due to her personal values that reinforce the ethics of the Club to be a ‘friendly and inclusive club’. Margaret is a real inspiration to many; an ideal coach, sets an example of how to behave on the water and excellent role model for all paddlers.