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SCA Restructure Proposal

Tue 02 September 2014

[Feedback was invited from SCA Members on the future structure of the SCA. The online survey was open from 1 Jul to 15 Aug and is now closed]

The SCA Board decided to look at how the Board of Directors and Committees are structured. In an increasingly demanding environment, even in the voluntary sector, it is acknowledged that a company’s Board of Directors can only operate effectively if it has the right structure and the necessary skills sets to meet the demands levied on such an organisation by various pieces of legislation and those demanded by the stakeholders the organisation works with. These requirements have also to be considered within an organisation that is volunteer led.

Standing still is not an option - organisations providing investment and funding to Sports Governing Bodies such as the SCA need to see an improvement in how associations are run.

The restructure proposal was published in the July 2014 edition of Scottish Paddler.
The principles of good governance, which are being used by national agencies and other funders/investors to assess the effectiveness of Sports Governing Bodies are described here:

 The survey can be accessed via the link below. The closing date is 15th August 2014.
The planned timeline for the restructure is set out in the restructure proposal article.

The About page contains details of the proposed SCA restructure of Board and Committees