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SCAs Response to the Hydro Scheme Proposals on 7 Glen Etive Tributaries

Mon 23 July 2018

There has been much online chatter recently regarding the proposals to construct 7 new run of the river hydro schemes on the tributaries of Glen Etive, including the much loved Allt a Chaorainn. Planning applications went in over the last few weeks with the consultation period due to end towards the end of this month. 

The SCA has been in dialogue with the developers of the scheme, Dickins Hydro Resources Ltd, for the last year or so to understand the detail of the developments, to provide detailed information about our sport and to convey the importance of these tributaries to whitewater paddle sports to UK paddlers. Many hours have been spent by members of the Access & Environment Policy Committee working with the developer and local agencies to try and safeguard recreational paddle sport opportunities in Glen Etive with the developer offering a package of mitigation measures to this end. Dialogue between all parties will continue throughout the planning and licensing period to ensure the best potential outcome for paddle sports should the development be given consent.

As with all hydro schemes there are a myriad of factors to be considered by the Planning Authority and SEPA when determining whether or not a scheme should be consented. The SCA have a responsibility to respond on behalf of the membership and paddlers in the wider community on paddle sports related matters. The environmental and visual impacts of these schemes are for other competent professional bodies to assess and comment upon. The formal response from the SCA was lodged today and is available to view or download (See bottom of page) 

We will continue to work with the Planners and SEPA to provide them with any additional information they need to evaluate the various impacts and the needs of recreational paddle sports and await their determination decision. In the meantime if you want to view the application documents or have any comments / concerns regarding the proposals you can find them on the Highland Council Planning Portal and searching for ‘Glen Etive’. Please bear in mind that there are 7 individual applications to view.

You can also get in touch with the Access & Environment Policy committee to discuss any related issues at