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Stanley Access 2018

Parking for Paddlers – Mr. Mike Smith's land - end of Linn Road, Burnmouth, Stanley

Please note new arrangements below, enacted April 1st 2018

This land is protected from entry by vehicles by a locked gate.
Access to the land, by unlocking a padlock with a code, is now available every day until the end of 2018, under the following conditions. Breach of any of the conditions is likely to lead to loss of this important facility. The SCA pay £500 a year for this parking.
 - Access is for SCA members only, plus those from the other UK canoeing SGBs.
 - Members must not give access to other members of the public, under any circumstances. Anglers park in Mr. Smith's private car park next to his fishing hut, NOT on the canoeists' car park. As access is now 24 hours a day, can paddlers be careful of other vehicles ‘tailgating’ in behind them, especially on summer evenings, when others might want to camp on the land.
 - Every effort must be made to keep the land clean and tidy, the fees paid cover litter clearance and grass cutting. There is no camping, or lighting of fires allowed. There are bins provided for litter on the land.
 - Paddlers are requested not to use any part of the land as a toilet; there are facilities approaching Stanley from every direction, e.g. Broxden park-and-ride from the west and south; Dunkeld from the north; and Coupar Angus from the east.
 - Please keep to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code by avoiding disturbing anglers on either bank or boats.
 - If the SCA has any special events, e.g. races, arrangements can be made for opening of the gate for periods to allow access and egress, controlled by a ghillie.

SCA Environment and Access Policy Committee